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Minister:Egypt plans to incorporate Green Hydrogen

Tuesday، 28 December 2021 - 03:50 AM
Minister:Egypt plans to incorporate Green Hydrogen

The Egyptian Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, led by Dr. Mohamed Shaker, sets an annual plan that it seeks to achieve in addition to its long-term plans to upgrade the field of electric energy in Egypt.


Minister Mohamed Shaker announced the year 2022 as to be "The Year of Green Hydrogen", which he considers to be the fuel of the future.


He confirmed that the ministry aims to rely on solar and wind energy in analyzing water to generate green hydrogen gas, stressing that it is one of the least expensive sources of electricity production and is environmentally friendly, and is considered the fuel of the future during the next 10 years.

Shaker added, in exclusive statements to Youm7, that the ministry seeks to diversify energy sources within the framework of implementing the 2030 strategy, and work is underway to update it to include green hydrogen, pointing out that reliance on renewable energy in generating electricity will contribute to reducing electricity selling prices.


The minister pointed out that contracts have been signed to implement five new plants to produce green hydrogen as pilot projects, noting that these projects will be expanded after ensuring their success.


Shaker said that the introduction of modern technology in the production of electricity will contribute to reducing electricity prices, saying, "For example, the Beni Suef, the New Administrative Capital and Burullus stations, implemented by the German company Siemens, with a capacity of 14,400 megawatts, provide annually more than one billion dollars, which is a saving in the use of delegations.

Shaker explained that relying on this type of turbine saves the use of delegations, and therefore the state does not need to raise electricity prices, pointing out that the old stations will be modernized and developed by an Emirati company to raise the efficiency and operation of all power generation stations at the level of the republic.


Shaker revealed that the Atlas of Egypt, which was prepared by the New and Renewable Energy Authority, shows that it is possible to benefit from the desert regions and the fastest winds with a length of 7,673 km, stressing that renewable energy plants can be established to generate electricity in these areas with a total capacity of 90,000 megawatts.

 Shaker further said that the ministry pays great attention to new and renewable energy projects to generate electricity from the sun and wind, which enabled the New and Renewable Energy Authority to achieve many achievements within a short period.


Shaker added that it is intended to establish renewable energy stations near the Red Sea and the northern coast to extract green hydrogen gas and export it abroad through its filling and sea transport, pointing out that exporting this type of gas will have a very large financial return to Egypt.


The minister revealed that the goal of introducing electric power generation technology from green hydrogen is to eliminate carbon dioxide emissions resulting from generating electricity from fossil fuels, with the aim of preserving the environment.

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