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New Delta Project

Thursday، 30 December 2021 - 11:03 PM

The New Delta Project is one of the mega projects in the agricultural field, where it will be established on nearly one million feddans in the western northern coast.

The project of “Egypt Future” comes within the framework of the New Delta Project, which adds a new cultivated area reaching nearly 15% in Egypt that will be utilized to achieve the food security. The project is extended to north Oases, south Wadi El-Natroun, east and west Monkhafad El-Qattara.

The project includes nearly 688 feddans in south El-Dabaa axis and west old Delta in addition to the project of “Egypt Future” on nearly 500 thousand feddans. It also includes 250 thousand feddans affiliating to the National Service Projects, where the cost of reclamation reaches nearly EGP 200 thousand per feddan.

The New Delta Project includes Egypt Future and south Dabaa axis projects.

A- Egypt Future Project

The project extends over an area of 500 thousand feddans along Al-Dabaa Axis in the northwest direction of Egypt.

The project is located along Al-Dabaa Axis, one of the new paved roads that were enlisted in the agenda of the national road network. The road’s site was chosen for its several geographical advantages, given its proximity to export ports, airports, industrial areas, and a number of main roads and axes, which facilitates the transfer and access of agricultural products from the project lands to all parts of the Republic.

The infrastructure and administration of the project include a fully-fledged, integrated system for mechanizing agriculture and irrigation, equipped with the latest devices and techniques to complete various agricultural operations with both high quality and speed, thousands of center-pivot irrigators, 9 power stations with a capacity of 250 megawatts and a 200-km long internal power grid, as well as a 500-km long main and subsidiary road network.

The cultivation of an area of 200.000 feddans has been completed through using the available groundwater, and the cultivated are is expected to reach 350.000 feddans by the beginning of 2022 with the use of 1.600 developed pivot irrigation devices. The area will be cultivated twice annually (in the summer and winter seasons) for the production of best crops with total investments of EGP 5 billion.

B- Reclamation of 500.000 feddans in south Dabaa Axis

The project spans over 500,000 feddans in south Dabaa Axis to the west of Egypt Future Project. It is close to the old Delta, roads network, sea, land and air ports.

More than 90% of the area can be cultivated with the strategic crops topped by wheat, maize, vegetables and fruits.

A huge station with a capacity of 6 million/cubic meters will be established for treatment of agricultural wastewater.

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