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President El-Sisi's Speech at the Celebration of Police Day

Sunday، 23 January 2022 - 02:19 PM

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Gentlemen, Members of the Police Force..

Distinguished guests,

On the twenty-fifth day of January every year, zephyrs of pride and national dignity blow as we recall together a dear and precious memory in the heart and conscience of every Egyptian; a memory that has been accompanied by cries for freedom and national independence. On that day in 1952, on a date with glory, a vanguard of Egypt’s honorable sons immortalized their heroism in national memory, at which the Egyptian generations exult at and flaunt. The Egyptian policemen proved, on that day, that the defense of the homelands is not contingent upon possessing equipment and gadgetry, but rather it is contingent upon the extent of the men’s faith and belief, which is firmly rooted within their souls.

Great people of Egypt,

The supreme goal of the state is to preserve its survival, and to preserve the security and safety of its citizens. This will not happen without the presence of a national police force that is cognizant and well aware of the nature of its mission. Perhaps what your sons of the police are undertaking today, in terms of preserving the security and stability of the homeland, and fighting hateful terrorism, is the greatest evidence that the resources of this nation never run out, and its fruitful land is always overflowing with goodness, birthing men who are conscious of the value of belonging to this country. 

From a position of responsibility, I value their national role, along with their brothers from the brave men of the Armed Forces, who together represent the impregnable fortress protecting the homeland from all evil. A salute to all of them, for their heroism and sacrifices, without which Egypt would not have walked on the path of comprehensive development, which it seeks for its people.

Another salute, filled with the highest verses of appreciation and pride, to the souls of the martyrs; those luminous candles who chose eternity in the skies over staying on Earth.

To their families, who have suffered and endured their separation for the sake of the greater goal, which is for Egypt to keep its head held high. For Egypt to remain that way, we must evoke the spirit that the honorable sons of the homeland have instilled in us as we face the adversities and crises that come our way; amongst these crises comes the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the whole world. For every occasion where we meet, I reiterate my gratitude in the name of all Egyptians to your children from the medical staff for the sacrifices they are making in the face of this pandemic to preserve the health of Egyptians.

Today, I also cannot fail to salute you on the occasion of the 25th of January Revolution, which expressed the Egyptians’ aspiration to build a new future for this country, in which all the people will enjoy a decent livelihood.

Proud people of Egypt,

We still have a long way ahead of us, and what has been achieved on the economic level is just a step on the road to building the future. We seek to consolidate the foundations of the future’s stability and build the New Republic that preserves the dignity of the Egyptian citizen and provides them with the best living conditions.

Perhaps you are following what is happening, through the Decent Life initiative which roams all of Egypt's governorates to achieve a better tomorrow for future generations. However, this road will not be smooth or without obstacles, in light of the challenges and dangers facing Egyptian national security. Egypt is destined to live in the midst of a turbulent region, which was and still is the focus of international events, in which interests conflict, balances intertwine, and alliances change.

What was impossible yesterday is possible today, and what were the constants in the past, have become, in the present, a matter subject to change. There is no way for us to confront all these matters, except with our national unity and cohesion. With them alone, we preserve our national principles, which do not interfere in the affairs of others, and do not accept compromising the rights of Egyptians.

This is our covenant, and this is our creed, from which we will never deviate; no matter what the challenges are, no matter the adversities.

Always and forever, and finally,

Long live Egypt.. Long live Egypt.. Long live Egypt.

May peace, Allah's mercy and blessings be upon you.


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