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Egyptian-Indian joint naval forces drills

Wednesday، 09 February 2022 - 02:53 PM

Egyptian and Indian naval forces have carried out on 11/9/2021 joint drills involving India's ship "INS TABAR" and Egypt's frigate "Alexandria", a front-line frigate of the Egyptian Navy, in the Mediterranean Sea.

The drills come as part of the Egyptian navy's joint training programs with global peers to enhance the combat capabilities of its personnel, enable it to fend off joint challenges and ensure maritime security and stability in the region.
The exercise involved a wide range of combat activities and operations, including dealing with an asymmetric threat environment and joint maritime security operations.
This is the second joint training experience in the territorial waters of the northern fleet region with the participation of the Indian naval ship "INS TABAR", which arrived in Alexandria early last week as part of its ongoing overseas deployment.
A number of bilateral agreements for cooperation and cultural exchange exist between India and Egypt.
The geostrategic location of Egypt provides it the unique advantage of being at the crossroads of Africa, Asia and Europe and crucial sea lines of communication pass through the Red Sea into the Mediterranean through the country's Suez Canal.

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