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Egypt Can with Industry Conference

Saturday، 28 May 2022 - 12:00 AM

Under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the sixth edition of “Egypt Can” conference will be launched on March 31st, 2022 in Cairo Governorate, under the title “Egypt Can with Industry”.

The “Egypt Can with Industry” conference is organized by the Ministry of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates’ Affairs, in cooperation with the Ministries of Trade and Industry, the Public Enterprise Sector, and the Ministry of State For Military Production, the Arab Organization for Industrialization, the General Authority for Investment, and the concerned authorities.

The activities of the conference are scheduled to be held for two days, May 31st and June 1st, 2022.

The sixth edition of the “Egypt Can” conference includes the participation of a distinguished elite of our Egyptian experts abroad specialized in the field of industry in addition to representatives of foreign companies participating for the first time in the “Egypt Can” series of conferences to discuss industrial investment opportunities in Egypt, aiming to come up with the best recommendations, participate in the implementation of the Egyptian state’s visions, and support its strategy in the field of industrial localization.

The “Egypt Can with Industry” conference comes in line with the visions of the Egyptian state, in light of the political leadership’s interest in the industry file, implementing presidential directives to support the state’s strategy in the field of industrial settlement, and maximizing the benefit of Egyptians around the world’s experiences in this field, and an integrated axis will be allocated to address industry between Egypt and Africa in a way that enhances trade and industrial exchange within the continent.

Experts participating in the conference

The Ministry of Immigration was keen to select distinguished elite of our experts abroad who are specialized in the field of industry in a number of important industrial specializations, so that we can come up with the best recommendations regarding the participation in the implementation of the Egyptian state’s visions as well as supporting its strategy in the field of industrial localization.

The Ministry of Immigration announced the names of Egyptian experts abroad participating in the "Partners of Success" session at the "Egypt Can" conference in its sixth edition, to discuss the prospects for industrial investment in Egypt.

- Ramy Azer from Australia. He is the Managing Director at Papyrus Australia Ltd., which obtained a patented technology that converts waste banana tree trunks into fiber-based products which can be used to replace wood and plastic based materials.

- Michael Stoch from Germany, who has a long history of working in renewable energy and environment industry.

- Mahmoud Ali from Egypt. He is the Managing Director of DMG Mori Africa, which is one of Germany's largest manufacturers of cutting machine tools and CNC-controlled milling machines.

- Robert Falk from the Netherlands. He is the founder and owner of a leading software company in the Netherlands for over 30 years specialized in developing retail, warehousing and e-commerce solutions, with over 10 years of experience working in waste management solutions such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) software for smart waste sorting, and has worked in hydrogen for many years, as well. Also, he founded Green Tech Egypt in 2017, which established the first recycling plant in Hurghada in 2018.

- Solomon Baumgartner Aviles, CEO of Lafarge Egypt. He has held several prestigious management positions within the company, including plant manager, technical director, and senior vice president of operations, in a number of countries such as Madagascar, the United States and Switzerland.

-  Ahmed Mekky from Egypt, former CEO and co-founder of (Gulf Bridge International-GBI).

- Steve Candler from the USA, Director of Commercial Operations EMEA at Corning Ltd.; He was chosen from among a wide range of Corning ® products at Merck, along with

- Jens Keiter from Germany, Managing Director of Germany's Enertech GmbH Division CTC Giersch.

- Keys Taylor from the United Arab Emirates, CEO of ALEC, with extensive experience in the Middle East and Africa regions.

- Andreas Beckers from Germany, CEO of ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solution. The company combines unique technological expertise with decades of global experience in engineering, procurement, construction and service of chemical plants.

-  Ziad Omran from USA, Regional Director of Nalco water, one of Ecolab companys.

- Marks Muller from Germany, Managing Director of Toennjes, which is a world leading company in vehicle identification.

- Didier Marcel from Belgium, Marketing Director of Dieffenbacher Companies, which is an internationally active group of companies, specialized in mechanical engineering and plant construction sector. It is, also, a leading manufacturer of printing systems and complete production plants for wood boards, composites and recycling industries.

- Surjit Singh from UK, Director of Product Development, Eminox. The company is specialized in improving air quality around the world.

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