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Mother’s Day

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Egypt and several countries around the world celebrate “Mother’s Day” on March 21st of each year, which coincides with the advent of spring, which is the season of giving, serenity and goodness.

The story of choosing March 21st in Egypt goes back to the late journalist Ali Amin and his brother Mustafa Amin - founders of Akhbar Al-Youm newspaper.

On 9/12/1955, Ali Amin wrote in his daily column “An Idea”, calling to allocate a date to celebrate the Mother, following a visit by one of the mothers to the late Mustafa Amin in his office, where she told him her story and how she was widowed and her children were young, however she did not marry, and devoted her life to her children. She continued to take care of them until they graduated from university and got married, but they left her completely. Thus, he said: “Why don’t we agree on a day that we call “Mother’s Day” and make it a holiday in our country and the countries of the East. On this day, children bring their mothers small gifts and send them letters saying thank you, Mom ... Why do we not encourage children on this day to treat their mother like a queen and prevent her from working ... And on this day they take over all her housework instead of her, but what day of the year do we make it Mother's Day?”

 Why March 21st specifically?

After the article was published in Al-Akhbar newspaper, the readers chose to set March 21, the beginning of spring, to be a Mother’s Day, in line with the season of giving, serenity and goodness.

Celebrating the Mother through ages

An Egyptian study issued on the occasion of the celebration of Mother's Day confirmed that honoring the mother is rooted in history and that honoring mothers is not a new thing today, but is a habit that people have become accustomed to since ancient times, and that Egyptian society granted women a privileged position and equal social, economic and political rights to men more than 5,000 years ago. The study indicated that men in ancient Egypt valued and honored women, and celebrated them in celebrations similar to what happens on Mother's Day today.

The beginnings of the celebration of Mother's Day go back to the celebrations of the spring season since ancient times when the Greeks celebrated "Brea", the mother of the gods. In the year 1600, England celebrated Mother's Day, which this year falls on Sunday 14 March.

The ancient Egyptian was loyal to his home and one of the characteristics of the ancient Egyptians, as confirmed by the archaeological evidence of the pharaohs represented in the literature of wisdom and letters addressed to the dead, is the respect and reverence for the mother in the large family as well as the attention given to the needs of women.

In this respect, we read in one of the ancient Egyptian papyri: “It is your duty to feed her, clothe her, and seek what brings pleasure to her, as long as you are alive.” Also, the husband would provide for his wife's requirements even in they got separated, and the marriage was done through a contract that guaranteed the wife her rights.

In one of the letters of Tell el-Amarna left by the ancient Egyptians, a letter was found written by a child celebrating his mother's day and prepared, which proves that the ancient Egyptians' celebration of Mother's Day.

In addition, papyri of sages have been found that contain hundreds of wisdom and proverbs related to the mother, as well as the advice of kings to their children, because Egypt, as a solar agricultural society, is a gentile society in which the mother plays the primary role.

The antiquities of ancient Egypt, with their wonderful paintings and inscriptions, attest to the distinguished position of women in general and mothers in particular, where the pharaohs imagined the sky as a mother giving birth to the sun every morning, in addition to the fact that a large number of the pharaohs' gods were mothers such as Isis, Nephthys and others.

This special status of women in the system of ancient Egyptian society, especially the mother and the wife, is one of the manifestations of the Pharaonic civilization, which knew how to make the mother and the wife or daughter a symbol of complete equality. The Egyptian woman was described as “unique, lovable, and unparalleled.”

Because of the importance of the mother, the world allocates a day for her every year to celebrate her and make her happy in all ways.

On this day, when we offer a bouquet of roses to every mother, in gratitude and appreciation for her beauty, we should not forget the mother of the martyr, who gave the homeland the most precious thing she owned.

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