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President El-Sisi and First Lady Celebrate Egyptian Women’s Day and Mother of the Year 2022

Wednesday، 23 March 2022 - 04:05 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi and First Lady Entissar El-Sisi arrived, on Wednesday morning 23-3-2022, at the headquarters of Al-Manara International Conference Center in New Cairo to attend the celebrations of the Egyptian Women’s Day and Mother of the Year 2022, in the presence of Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch Pope Tawadros II, Minister of Planning and Economic Development Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Social Solidarity Dr. Nevine Al-Qabbaj, in addition to a number of ministers and senior statesmen.

The president saluted the gathering upon his arrival at the headquarters of Al-Manara International Conference Center in New Cairo to attend the celebration.

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi and First Lady Entissar El-Sisi posed for a photo op with the attendees of the celebrations of the 2022 Egyptian Women’s Day and Mother of the Year.

The photo also included Minister of Planning and Economic Development Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Social Solidarity Dr. Nevine Al-Qabbaj and President of National Council for Women (NCW) Maya Morsi.

The celebration started with screening a documentary entitled "Bright Numbers" featuring outstanding achievements of Egyptian women, under the leadership of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi.

The documentary film indicated that the percentage of women’s participation in the government reached 25%, representing 27% as deputy minister, and 31% as deputy governor, while women represented 28% in the House of Representatives, 14% in the Senate, and 44% in the National Council for human rights.

The documentary noted that during the era of President Sisi, Egyptian women held, for the first time in the history of Egypt, the post of National Security Adviser to the President of the Republic, in addition to a number of senior positions, including the position of Governor, Assistant to the Minister of Justice,, Head of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) and Senate deputy.

After the documentary film, singer Nesma Mahgoub participated in the celebration with a song entitled "You are life".

President of the National Council for Women (NCW) Maya Morsi delivered a speech, in which she asserted that President Abdel Fattah El Sisi's support for Egyptian women enabled them to assume all posts in the country without discrimination.

Morsi added "We take pride that president Sisi supports Egyptian women before the world at large", pointing out that for the first time in the history of the country, Egypt has female judges and prosecutors.

Morsi pointed out that the password is the genuine political determination, which helped women enjoy all their constitutional rights, noting that the NCW, the Egyptian women's home, is working in all governorates to help in programs of "Decent Life" and "Developing the Family." 

She added that the government boosted integration and coordination at all levels taking into account the needs of women and their economic development in implementation of the right to development approach.

Social Solidarity Minister Nevine El-Qabbaj delivered a speech, in which she said that President Abdel Fattah Sisi has been keen since assuming power on rectifying the idea about women in Egypt and getting them to participate in building the state and join the march of comprehensive sustainable development.

El-Qabbaj underlined the ministry's interest in promoting the rights of women and mothers for their effective contribution to the society.

She noted that women represent 74 % of beneficiaries of the social protection program of “Takaful and Karama”, with respect to the president's directives to double compensations to the families of martyrs to 100 %. 

The Minister added that the ministry is keen on securing insurance protection of women, noting that the number of women benefiting from pensions hit 6 million, representing 58 % of beneficiaries.

She added that the ministry issued Meeza cards in tandem with the Social Nasser Bank and E-Finance in accordance with the state's plans to achieve financial inclusion.

El-Qabbaj pointed out that about 3 million Meeza cards were issued for those deserving in-kind subsidies, five million cards for those deserving social protection insurance and 200,000 cards for those benefiting from micro-enterprises.

She added that the number of children at the social protection associations rose by 23 %.

She, also, noted that the ministry offered soft loans at about EGP 2.6 billion for micro-projects, including “Mastoura” program and “Rural Women Development” program.

Minister of Planning and Economic Development Hala el Said delivered a speech, in which she asserted that Egypt's women live the most prosperous age under the leadership of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, who gives top priority to caring for them and empowering them.

The minister said that the president gave Egyptian women special care since the first day of assuming power out of his belief that women are able to deal with all crises.

The minister noted that the Egyptian women work in all institutions and enjoy all political and civil rights, adding that the state works to support women and empower them in all projects and initiatives including the presidential initiative to develop rural areas known as Haya Karima (Decent life).

At the beginning of the second part of the concert, an artistic segment was presented by the Egyptian Opera Children's Choir and singer Riham Abdel Hakim, accompanied by the Cairo Opera Ballet, followed by the song "Bint Masr", performed by singers Mai Farouk, Hanan Essam and Iman Abdel Ghani, accompanied by the ballet and the Egyptian Opera Choir.

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi honored a number of Egyptian women and ideal mothers nationwide.

President Sisi awarded the Order of Virtues of Second Class to Mrs. Waheeda Al-Didamouni from Sharqiya Governorate, Mrs. Samira Hashem from Sohag Governorate, Mrs. Iqbal Fayez Labib Brias from Qena Governorate, and Ms. Buthaina Mohamed Abdel Samie Ramadan, the “ideal mother” of people of determination at the level of the Republic from Sharkia Governorate.

President Sisi honored Mrs. Omaima Youssef Abdel Aziz the first decent life volunteer mother from Beheira Governorate, and Ms. Shadia Hussein Rashid Abdel Aal, who received the economic empowerment project at the republic level from Qena Governorate.

President Sisi honored late secretary-general of Egypt's National Council for Women Farkhonda Hassan, who had been one of the leading female figures in Egypt and the entire Arab world. Her daughter Dr. Wegdan Lotfi was handed over the award.

President Sisi honored Ms. Sohair Konsowa, the international expert in strategic planning, to whom the credit is given for issuing the first national report on human development in Egypt.

The president awarded Mona Omar, the former assistant foreign minister for African affairs.

The president also awarded lawyer Mona Zulficar, Founder and Non-Executive Chairman of Egyptian Financial Group-Hermes Holding Co..
She is, also, a prominent 
Egyptian lawyer and human rights activist and was included in the Forbes 2021 list of the "100 most powerful businesswomen in the Arab region".
The president honored renowned actress Farida Fahmy, co-founder of the first and most famous folk-dancing troupe in Egypt and the Middle East, the Reda Folklore Troupe.

The president honored Dr. Lamis Gaber, a prominent Egyptian writer. She was appointed as member of the House of Representatives in 2015.

The president honored prominent journalist Farida el Shobashy, who was the first woman to chair a session of the House of Representatives on January 12, 2021 being the oldest member.

First Lady Entissar El Sisi applauded the inspiring mother role models, who were honored during the celebrations of the Egyptian Women’s Day and Mother of the Year 2022.

The First Lady, later, posted on her social media account, saying: "With all pride, I had the honor of attending the 2022 Exemplary Mother Award ceremony. I stood in awe before those inspiring role models who were a source of pride for us all. This year's ceremony coincided with a major global crisis that has cast its shadow on our lives; nevertheless, Egyptian women, as usual, could lead their families to safety."

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi delivered a speech at the Egyptian Women’s Day and Mother of the Year 2022

In his speech, the president praised the importance of the role every women plays at home and in the society, thanking all women he honored during the celebration and all other women in every household in Egypt for their dedication to their families and contribution to the society.

Sisi called for making today's celebration of Egyptian women an opportunity for expressing thanks and gratitude to them for their great sacrifices and significant role in the society.

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi described the Egyptian women as "the solid foundation for the homeland’s construction and progress, and the source of hope in times of adversity".

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi underlined that women's support for the economic reform program has largely contributed to overcoming hard living conditions.

He highlighted the great damage left over the international economic crisis, adding that the economic reform program helped to curb the repercussions of the international economic crisis on Egypt.

He referred to the sacrifices offered by women, considering them a main factor of the success achieved over the past six years. 

President Sisi highlighted the importance of working hard to protect the nation, improve people's living conditions and build the country.

The president, also, referred to several projects, including a national project for increasing storage capacity of wheat silos which hit about 5.5 million tons, pointing out that the project saved about 20 percent of wheat that was lost annually.

President Sisi added that Egypt's wheat reserves are enough for four months.

He noted that Egypt's storage of butane gas is enough for two months, asserting that this was attributed to the state's efforts

Sisi wished the problem of rising oil prices ends soon, noting that the oil prices skyrocketed from 70 dollar per barrel to 120 dollars.

He added that Egypt has no problem with regard to fuel, attributing this to the economic reform program to which the people have contributed.

He, also, called for lowering food consumption during the holy fasting month of Ramadan.

Sisi explained that the Armed Forces secured more than 2 million cartons of foodstuffs, adding that almost the double of this number can be secured at half price.

President Sisi said Egyptian women are invited more than ever to make a serious and constructive contribution in the next stage within the "New Republic", adding that this stage is witnessing several major national projects that primarily target investment in humans.

The president highlighted the Egyptian women’s great national role in preserving the nation’s identity during the June 30, 2013 Revolution, and rendering successful economic reform efforts, especially during the coronavirus crisis.

He stressed that he relies on the Egyptian women’s strength, awareness and wisdom to ensure the success of the National Project to Develop the Egyptian Family.

Sisi added that since taking office he has pledged to do everything in his power to continue supporting and empowering women.

President Sisi noted that he directed the government to introduce the legislative and legal reforms needed to create a supportive framework for empowering women in the labor market, support them to get future jobs through raising their awareness of the importance and advantages of developing career paths in the fields of engineering, science, and applied technology, as well as to provide training opportunities in these fields for girls in various educational stages.
According to the president, these reforms shall also include facing all forms of harassment, violence, exploitation and abuse of power at the workplace.

Sisi also directed the government to provide protection for women against physical abuse within their families in order to preserve their dignity, and make further amendments to the Egyptian Criminal Procedure Code with regard to witnesses and whistleblowers of crimes of harassment, violence, indecent assault and depravity.

He also issued directives as regards imposing a special penalty in the event of disclosing confidentiality of data or information related to such crimes, and toughening the penalty for non-registration of births.

At the end of the celebration, the national anthem of the Arab Republic of Egypt was played, then President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and First Lady left the celebration hall.

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