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Egyptian Public Prosecution denies criminal suspicion in the death of Hadhoud

Saturday، 23 April 2022 - 10:13 PM

The Egyptian Public Prosecution concluded its investigations into the death of Ayman Hadhoud, an economic researcher and member of the Supreme Authority of the Reform and Development Party, denying any criminal suspicion.

According to a statement issued by the prosecution, the investigations concluded to no criminal suspicion in the death of Hadhoud, after the Public Prosecution received the report of the Forensic Medicine Authority stating that the autopsy confirmed that he had died due to a chronic heart disease.

Also, the report of the Forensic Medicine Authority stated that the body of late Hadhoud did not have any traces of injury that may indicate criminal activity, violence, resistance, or any other suspicious indications.

According to the report, the body of the deceased was free of narcotic and toxic substances, and that the death occurred as a result of a chronic heart condition that resulted in the cessation of blood and respiratory circulation, which led to death.

It added that the investigation papers were also devoid of any evidence suggesting foul play.

The Public Prosecution completed investigation procedures into the incident after issuing its first statement on the matter on April 12.

It said that it listened to the testimony of the brother of the deceased, Omar Hadhoud, who appeared in person before the Public Prosecution after the statement had been issued, and testified that he suspected that his brother was criminally dead, after seeing traces on his brother’s body at the time of receiving it for burial, but he was not sure whether they were due to the autopsy or previous injuries.

According to the statement, Omar said that Ayman was going to receive treatment in a hospital due to psychological and nervous problems caused by financial troubles as well as the illness of their sister, however, he postponed his treatment.

Omar also asserted that his brother had previously suffered twice from psychological issues and was found twice in the same condition he was in on the day of his arrest.”

In this respect, the Monitoring and Analysis Unit affiliated to the Public Prosecution Office had monitored, after the statement, which it had issued concerning the incident, the circulation of news posted by some people on social networks,  questioning the integrity of the investigation procedures, aiming to provoke outrage and disturb the public peace.

Accordingly, the Public Prosecution called on everyone to be very careful, and not to be misled by rumours and false news that are utilized to serve specific purposes and goals.

The Public Prosecution, also confirmed that the statements it issues or the information it discloses has the ultimate goal of revealing the facts and reassuring the nation.

It also asserted that it was never to announce part of the truth, or to give incomplete answers to questions in the minds of the nation it represents.

Therefore, it called upon the people to beware of believing or following the malicious statements of evil people and those with hidden intentions.

God save the homeland

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