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Al-Fattah Al-Aleem mosque

Tuesday، 14 June 2022 - 10:12 PM
El –Fattah Al-Aleem mosque

El –Fattah Al-Aleem mosque is one of   Egypt’s modern mosque in Cairo that have a special distinctive Islamic architectural style.


The mosque is located at the entrance of the new administrative capital on the East Ring Road. It was inaugurated on January 6, 2019.


 The mosque was erected on an area of 106 Feddan, mostly two feddans are about (8600 m2). It is the area of the mosque. 7000 m2 outside yard specialized for external prayers.  There was a basement beneath it .It has a small mosque  specialized for daily prayers for men and women .There are halls for reciting and memorizing quran and places for ablution, library and administrative offices, and the rest of  the area was the external space dedicated to buildings, roads and landscapes.


 Al Fattah Al Alim mosque has the capacity to accommodate 17,000 worshipers, it is distrubted on  an approximately 6500 ground floor the main floor, 1200 the first floor. It is specialized for women only to pray, 7000outdoor space, 2000 as mini mosque.


 In addition to this, the Mosque have four secondary minarets of height 95 meter  ,90 m of the minaret  highness  ,, 5 m high of the crescent and surmounted by 21 Dome  that are represented as follows : the main dome of the mosque  with a diameter 33 m,   entire heights 28 m, height and 44mhigh   of the ground and weight of 5000 tons.


As such it was considered as the largest dome of the mosque in Egypt and Africa.


 In addition to 4 secondary domes with a diameter of 11.75   meter, internal height 10.25 meter and 29 meter height from the ground, other than 6 small domes at top of the main entrances and ceremony halls and 10 other domes are on top of outer walls


 The mosque have six entrances and 2 sides of the entire entrances for women prayers at the first floor of the mosque. Also, the mosque has a path for funeral ceremony, with 408 meter long and 28 meter for width ,for holding an official funeral ceremony and annexed to it giant track to commence and end the ceremony. 




The mosque also comprises two buildings that included seven halls for occasions and are located on either side of the mosque that can provide accommodations to 2440 for an individual.


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