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Mohamed Ali mosque

Wednesday، 15 June 2022 - 11:13 AM

It is one of the most famous Citadel landmarks. As many believe that the Citadel of Saladin Ayoubi is like Mohammed Ali Pasha Castle of the fame by this mosque. It has been also called Alabaster Mosque as its interior and exterior walls are amazingly coated with alabaster to the height of 11 metres. It also reflects “Ottoman origin “in style.

Work began in the building of Salah al-Din mosque at the year (1246 AH / 1830 AD) on the ruins of the ablaq Palace .Its area reaches  5,000 square meters, and has continued to work in construction without break, even Muhammad Ali Pasha died in the year (1265 AH / 1849 AD), he was buried in the cemetery prepared by himself inside the mosque.

Also, sources and various references have reported that once Muhammad Ali Pasha has finished the reformation of the Citadel of Saladin Ayoubi and finished building his palaces and his poetry and the whole school. He intended to build a huge mosque to perform the obligatory prayers and have its burial place.

It began in the construction of the mosque in 1246 AH / 1830 AD and continued to work until the death of Mohamed Ali Pasha in 1265 AH / 1848 AD and was buried in the tomb prepared for himself inside the mosque.

The Mosque is rectangular in shape and consists of two sections. The western and eastern Section.

The eastern section is the part that was dedicated to prayer. It is square shape and has a roof with a central dome resting on four large arches supported by massive piers.

The western section contains a fountain   for Ablution and for each of the two sections two doors, one at south and the other at the north.

Mohamed Ali mosque has several architectural and artistic features that made him unique, this can be seen as follows:

 -Two high minarets of about 84 meters. If we add the height of the castle built by the mosque, which is about 80 meters up to the two minarets rising to about 164 meters from the sea level.

 -  There are about 365 lanterns, that represent days of the year .It is observed playing musical tunes in a calm atmosphere.

  -The mosque is marked with an echo sound, which can be recognized by an apparent rise in prayer inside the house sounds. 

 -The cabin, which was buried by Mohamed Ali Pasha, it is located in the southern corner of the west of the mosque, which is a copper part gilded collected between the Arab, Turkish and Egyptian motifs adorned with marble by the composition of the tomb of Mohammed Ali Pasha.

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