10 August 2022 06:24 PM

Egypt's First Lady greets Egyptians on June 30 anniversary

Thursday، 30 June 2022 - 12:54 PM
Egypt's First Lady Entissar El Sisi

Egypt's First Lady Entissar El Sisi greeted on Thursday the Egyptian people on the occasion of the 9th anniversary of June 30 Revolution.


In a post on her official pages on social media platforms, President Abdel Fattah El Sisi's spouse said: "The great Egyptian people spoke with a loud and audible voice, making the world bow with respect to their will."


"On this day, nine years ago, the world bowed in respect to the will of the Egyptian people , who audibly said their word in every part of the country," She said.


"The Egyptians set the best example demonstrating the meanings of perseverance and firmness in protecting homeland and showing loyalty both in words and actions," she further said.


On this precious anniversary of the June 30 Revolution, the Egyptian people still face challenges in all fields to create hope and a safe future for themselves and the coming generations, the President's spouse went on to say.


"I wish Egypt and the Egyptians all peace, safety and security," she concluded.


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