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Greco-Roman monuments at Minya city

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Greco-Roman monuments at Minya city



There was nothing left from this old city that was located 8 km north of Malawi near the Ashmounin except some remnants of the Middle and New Kingdom periods, and the ruins of a Roman square with a basilica dating back to the early times of Christianity.


This city was a center for the worship of the god "Tut" or "Thoth", the god of wisdom for the ancient Egyptians in the past. Thoth was also a god of the moon and the god who measures time, besides being the lord of magic and wisdom.


They portrayed him in the form of a man with the head of an "ibis" or in the form of "ibis", or in the form of a "baboon" with a dog's head. As for his wife, she is the goddess Maat, the goddess of truth and justice, and the daughter of Ra. They used to portray her in the form of a woman with ostrich feathers on her head.The ancient pharaonic name of this city is "Khmuno", and the name "Hermopolis" was given to the city by the Greeks. As they associated "Thoth" with their god "Hermes". The name of "Hermopolis" is also derived from "Hermes" and means "the city of Hermes".


-Petusris Cemetery

This cemetery dates back to the Ptolemaic era .It is a cemetery and prayer room (or a small temple) as well.


Petusris the high priest of the god Thoth. The tomb  that bearing  his name has a vestibule with columns; it also contains images in which  both cultures the ancient and the Grecian  one were mixed out in it . We can see also scenes of agricultural works that have been drawn in Egyptian traditional way, but the people who appear in these scenes have been wearing Grecian clothes.


-Tuna El Gabal and Bani Hassan areas

Tuna al-Jabal is located 7 km west of Hermopolis. There are the baboons tombs (as well as ibis and their eggs), which are the sacred animals of the god Thoth. Most of the mummification operations of these animals and birds took place in the Ptolemaic and Roman eras. In the past, "Tuna al-Jabal bordered "Akhitatin city which was the capital of the country for a short period during Akhenaten reign .It was also a cemetery for Hermopolis the neighboring city.


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