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President El-Sisi’s Speech after Accepting Honorary Doctorate Degree from University of Belgrade

Friday، 22 July 2022 - 11:00 PM

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Dr. Aleksandar Popovic, President of the University of Belgrade,

Mr. Branko Ruzic, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development,

Honorable Professors,

Belgrade University Council Members,

Students of Belgrade University,

Ladies and gentlemen,

At the outset, allow me to express my great thanks and gratitude for granting me an honorary doctorate degree from the prestigious University of Belgrade. It is my pleasure to address you today from this ancient podium amid a group of university scientists and promising Serbian university youth. The pioneering university of Belgrade, Serbia's largest and oldest university with a history dating back more than two centuries, is credited with making significant contributions to the development of many universities in Serbia and the Balkans. Therefore, it plays the role entrusted to it, which is upgrading society through the contributions of its professors, students, and graduates, who are Serbian geniuses, in the development of the cultural, scientific, educational, political, and economic life of the State of Serbia.

President of the University,

The extended historical relations between Egypt and Serbia, especially at the level of the Non-Aligned Movement, to which the founding leaders, and other inspiring national historical leaders, contributed to its establishment with all their values and principles, we cherish to this day and encourage our two countries to use our capabilities to achieve our common goals and face our regional and international challenges.

Egypt always affirms that the international community is facing new and emerging challenges, in addition to the traditional challenges, foremost of which is the issue of climate change, which represents a real threat to the international community. It requires the cooperation of all countries to take into account the concerns of each other. We have to realize that climate change and global population increase have accelerated the crisis, which is now threatening many regions of the world.

Out of Egypt’s keenness to mobilize international efforts to combat climate change, Egypt will host the Global Climate Summit “COP-27”, which is scheduled to be held in November 2022 in the city of Sharm El-Sheikh. Egypt aims that the summit’s conclusions will contribute in placing the world on the right way towards transforming pledges and promises into actual implementation on the ground, whether with regard to efforts to reduce emissions, which are still not up to the required level, especially with regard to reviewing and updating the national determined contributions or with regard to efforts to support developing countries, to adapt to the effects of climate change or in connection with the volume of climate finance available.

Honorable Attendees,

Water scarcity, desertification and drought are among the most important contemporary regional and international issues facing the international community, and in connection with the extent of the impact of this phenomenon on the capabilities and future of peoples, and even their failure to achieve their ambitions towards achieving sustainable development and prosperity for their peoples. It is important to deal seriously with this phenomenon by employing creative capabilities to devise advanced technologies to make the best use of the available water resources and to struggle the phenomenon of climate change to prevent the expansion of desertification and drought. This phenomenon has an obvious and direct impact not only on the economic conditions but goes beyond that to the scope of security and stability at the national and regional levels.

On the other hand, in the context of upholding the principles of cooperation and good-neighborliness within the framework of managing international relations, all members of the international community must observe the rules of international law governing the management of shared water resources, foremost among which is avoiding causing serious harm and cooperating to achieve common interests in a parallel manner that takes into account the needs equally.

Honorable Attendees,

Egypt has made the negotiating decision in dealing with the issue of water, particularly the Ethiopian dam, based on a set of governing constants that demonstrate our desire to develop bilateral relations between Egypt and Ethiopia, share African continent challenges, expand cooperation frameworks, integrate objectives, and seek a common vision between Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia to resolve the implications of building the "Renaissance Dam."

Egypt believes in the unity of purpose and destiny among the Nile Basin states, specifically "Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia," based on mutual benefit, non-harm, and working to achieve the best interests of all. At the same time, we were committed to continuing our support for the various aspects of Nile Basin development. This necessitates a just and balanced agreement on the Renaissance Dam that allows Ethiopia to achieve the economic development it seeks, increase its capacity to generate the electricity it requires, while also protecting the downstream states of Egypt and Sudan's interests and not jeopardizing their water rights. This can be accomplished by crystallizing a legal, binding, and comprehensive agreement among all parties involved on the rules for filling and operating the dam, as well as rejecting unilateral actions that would jeopardize Egypt's rights to the Nile's waters.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The international community is also facing many traditional challenges. In this context, Egypt supports all efforts to maintain international peace and security, particularly in light of the serious threats to the stability and security of the Middle East region, as well as efforts to divide states, demolish their national institutions, and uphold sectarian allegiances at the expense of the national state concept, so long as Egypt demands a comprehensive approach to combating and addressing terrorism in all its forms and in all its manifestations.

In order to further the region's stabilization efforts, Egypt calls for increased efforts to free the Middle East of weapons of mass destruction, given the threats to humanity's survival as well as international peace and security. Furthermore, Egypt will continue to support the Palestinian cause until the Palestinian people's aspirations for an independent state based on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital, are realized.

As we address regional issues, we also seek to address international issues, where the world has been witnessing the consequences of Ukraine's current crisis since the beginning of this year. Egypt's stance on this crisis is based on the importance of addressing all avenues conducive to calming down, finding a diplomatic solution to the conflict, and making every effort to achieve it, thereby avoiding the crisis's negative effects on the world's peoples.

President of the University of Belgrade,

Honorable Attendees,

Finally, I'd like to thank the President of the prestigious Belgrade University, as well as the distinguished members of the University Council, for bestowing the honorary doctorate upon me. I hope to continue communicating and coordinating between the two countries in order to strengthen friendship and cooperation in the interests of the two friendly peoples.

Thank you

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