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National Political Dialogue

The 2nd meeting of Egypt’s National Dialogue

Tuesday، 19 July 2022 - 12:00 AM

The activities of the second meeting of the National Political Dialogue Board of Trustees were launched on Tuesday 19-7-2022, at the headquarters of the National Training Academy.

After the meeting of the Board of Trustees, which lasted about five hours and more, the General Coordinator of the National Dialogue Diaa Rashwan, held a press conference to clarify what was discussed during the meeting, including its most important recommendations and outputs.

Addressing the press conference, Head of the Egyptian Journalists' Syndicate and General Coordinator of the National Political Dialogue (NPD) Diaa Rashwan said the following:

- The members of the NPD Board of Trustees are fully committed to working as partners not rivals, asserting that the board will continue to follow this approach during its future proceedings.

- The NPD Board of Trustees had decided to start the dialogue with the political track, which covers issues related to general freedoms, political rights, civil liberties and the work of municipalities.

- As for national security and foreign policy, there is not a single Egyptian who disagrees on Egypt's rights like the issue of the Renaissance Dam

- The Board of Trustees will provide all foreign journalists with information, including translation,

- Each and everyone released from prison with a presidential pardon is welcome to participate in the national dialogue

- The board also decided to constitute two four-member committees to provide the NPD with the components of forming the sub-committees concerned with the social and political tracks.

- The meeting tackled issues and proposals submitted by participating parties, including Article 18 of the bylaw adopted on July 6, along with the dialogue's code of ethics, to regulate the board's operation.

- The members of the NPD Board of Trustees commended President Abdel Fattah El Sisi's decrees to pardon some prison inmates on many occasions.

- The meeting discussed priorities of the national plan of action, pursuant to President Abdel Fattah El Sisi’s directives.

- The board agreed that the NPD will focus on three main tracks, namely the political, economic, and social ones. The first track covers issues related to exercising political rights, parliamentary representation, political parties, municipalities, human rights and public freedoms.

- The board will discuss the details of NPD sessions in this regard during its next meeting.

Head of the Egyptian Journalists' Syndicate and General Coordinator of the National Political Dialogue (NPD) Diaa Rashwan , responded to a question about the report issued by the US State Department on human rights, saying: “I have read the US State Department report and have comments on it, as it discussed the legislative obstacles before it, however it is not its job to follow up on human rights reports since there are specialized bodies that follow up on this matter.

Diaa Rashwan also answered a question about blocking some sites, specifically the platform’s site, saying, “I learned about blocking the platform’s site from the editor-in-chief and we exchanged messages and we do not have enough information about the legal position of the site and it is not in anyone’s interest to block illegally any site in Egypt.”

Rashwan pointed out that there is some legislation that may need to be amended or added during the dialogue, in addition to the existence of two documents that will be built upon.

The first document is Egypt's Vision 2030 in light of the changes that have occurred in the world, and the second document is the National Strategy for Human Rights.

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