10 December 2023 10:56 PM

President El-Sisi Meets with Arab Ministers of Media

Wednesday، 21 September 2022 - 12:00 AM

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi received, at Al-Ittihadiya Palace, the Arab Ministers of Media.

The Spokesman for the Egyptian Presidency stated that President El-Sisi stressed Egypt's belief in the importance of the strategic role of the media in supporting countries' efforts to achieve stability and development. This is to be achieved by discussing national issues and raising public awareness. President El-Sisi also emphasized the there are common concerns and challenges facing the Arab world. This requires that the Arab media speaks the same language to help overcome these challenges and that various issues be raised in a deep and objective manner, backed by facts, for having a realistic collective Arab conscience . The President also stressed that the media shoulders the responsibility of presenting honest content.Regarding extremist ideology, hate speech, and incitement against various Arab peoples, President El-Sisi stressed that destruction has not and will not be a civilized message. He also pointed out that religious values are not built on the ruins and destruction because the message of religion calls for building, reconstruction, peace and development. This can only be achieved by providing security and political and moral stability for the people in a safe civilized world.The Ministers, participating in the 52nd session of the Arab Information Ministers Council, currently held in Cairo, expressed their honor to meet with President El-Sisi. They also praised the tangible achievements that Egypt has made under the leadership of the President in at the political, development, economic and social levels. This sets an example for the Arab nation to follow in terms of achieving progress, prosperity and sustainable development. They also lauded Egypt’s role to preserve the security and stability of the Arab states.There also had been an open dialogue with the President that addressed important topics raised at the Arab Information Ministers Council meeting, particularly those pertaining to media awareness for future generations and the vital role of the media in supporting Arab national security, promoting institution building and strengthening fraternal bonds between the Arab states.The attendees commended the President’s wisdom for realizing the requirements of nation-building. They emphasized that the government and media organizations, altogether, are responsible in addressing different challenges. Therefore, media organizations should adhere to robust standards, set sound priorities and raise awareness among peoples and communities about various challenges and how to face them and deal with lies and rumors.

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