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Olympic Village of Suez Canal Authority

Monday، 26 September 2022 - 01:59 PM

The Olympic Village of the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) is located in Ismailia governorate. The village is an integrated sports city established in accordance with the international standards on a 350,000-square-meters land to include many sports facilities for a range of different games.

The village includes the Suez Canal Authority Stadium, Indoor Halls, complex of swimming pools, international hockey stadium, sub-stadiums for football, and outdoor stadiums. It also has a mosque, two airstrips, facilities for people with special needs and a number of parking areas.

Suez Canal Authority Stadium

The Suez Canal Authority International Stadium is built on an area of 19 feddans (around 80-thousand square meters) and has a seating capacity for 21,000 people. The stadium includes a luxury box (or skybox) and first-class seats, which are located in the middle of the stadium and accommodate up to 3,000 spectators.

The stadium was built and designed in line with the requirements of the Confederation of African Football (CAF). The new stadium also houses a hotel suite containing 60 hotel beds along with 850 square meters health club.

The Luxury Box (or Skybox) includes:

- Two VIP halls equipped with display screens, bathrooms and a café

- VIP seats

- Two VVIP halls with bulletproof glass

- 8 VIP lounges 

- Panoramic elevators for VIP services and elevators

The First-Class Seats include:

- Two player dressing rooms, fully equipped with a sauna, jacuzzi and central air conditioning

- Referee and match observer room

- Video Assistant Referee (VAR) room

- 8 commentator boxes, equipped with display screens, internet connectivity and simultaneous translation

- Press conferences room equipped with screens, internet connectivity and simultaneous translation

- Two press boxes on both sides of the luxury box (or skybox)

- Match analysis studio

- Control, monitoring and surveillance cameras room

- Entertainment venues for first-class spectators on both sides of the luxury box (or skybox)

The indoor hall covers an area of 18,000 m2. The hall has central air conditioning and can host many sports activities, as well as group and individual games. The hall accommodates up to 2300 viewers and 16 sports activities.

The hall encompasses:

- 4 player dressing rooms

- 2 referees’ rooms

- Room for doctors and detection of steroids

- Radio and TV unit

- Sound system

- 2 electronic scoreboards

The hall includes:

- 4 audience entrances

- 3 player entrances

- 2 entrances for the luxury box (or skybox)

- Parking area accommodating up to 50 cars and busses

The social sports swimming complex includes an Olympic swimming pool with a length of 50 m and a width of 25 m ; a diving pool including a diving board, with a height of 10 m, dimensions of 25 m x 25 m, and a depth of 6 m. It also contains a children's pool, a garden for the complex’s visitors (children's garden), and a hall for various activities (Aerobics - Zumba - Kung Fu). There is also a gym fully equipped with steam rooms - sauna - jacuzzi

Hockey Stadium

The hockey stadium is unique for having the first international stadium of its kind in the Middle East.  The hockey stadium includes a main court that accommodates up to 500 spectators. It has also a sub-court, 2 players’ rooms, a control room, a VIP hall, a room for medical aid and detection of steroids, an administrative office area and an electronic control panel.

Other Facilities

The city also houses a main stadium with a capacity of 500 spectators and is considered the first international stadium of its kind in the Middle East. It also includes another secondary stadium, two rooms for players, an arbitration room, a VIP hall, a medical first aid and doping detection unit, an administrative office area and an electronic control panel.

The outdoor courts for group games training include 6 courts, a walking and running track made of imported tartan with a width of 6 m², a speedball court made of rubber, as well as an arena for combat games.

- 2 sub-courts for football

- Tabarak Mosque, 2 airstrips, facilities for people of determination, parking areas.

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