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The October War victory will remain eternally carved in the conscience of Egyptian, Arabs: Sisi

Tuesday، 04 October 2022 - 06:47 PM

President Abdel-Fattah El Sisi affirmed on Tuesday that the October War victory will remain eternally carved in the conscience of Egyptians, Arabs and all peace-loving peoples.

President El-Sisi made his statements in a speech at the 36th Cultural Symposium of the Armed Forces to mark the 49th anniversary of the 6th of October War victory in 1973, which falls this year on Thursday.

"This day was designed to be eternally carved not only in the conscience of the Egyptian people but also in the conscience of the entire Arab nation and all peace-loving peoples in the world," the president said.

The president paid tribute on this occasion to the late president Anwar El-Sadat, who courageously made the decision to pursue peace, thus turning the page on the past and opened up prospects of the future for the entire region.

Egypt did not only fight to defend its land, but also to achieve peace, he stressed.

"There were men during the glorious October War who were guided by Almighty God to take decisive decisions that changed the map of regional and international balances."

"Egypt celebrates today the 49th anniversary of the glorious October victory, a day of pride and dignity, a day that represented proof of the capabilities of Egyptians in overcoming the toughest moments of the nation's history."

The president saluted the Egyptian Armed Forces which achieved the victory, expressing his pride in belonging to its ranks.

He added that Egypt achieved on the 6th of October "the miracle of crossing" of the Suez Canal, making the most glorious day in the modern history of Egypt.

El-Sisi noted that "the struggle for transforming the realities of defeat into victory and pain into glory and pride" was at the core of the 6th of October War.

Security, development, and hope

The president warned in his speech that the "Forces of Evil" are still spreading rumours and delusions to shake citizen's confidence in their country amid the global economic crisis facing the world.

The president said that he is sure that the development projects that are being carried out in Egypt would achieve security and hopes for the new generations and will also improve the living conditions of Egyptians.

The president urged that citizens and officials should realise that the "nation's future cannot be determined in a year, or two, or three, or even ten years."

He stressed on the importance of fighting poverty and illiteracy, describing them as "real enemies" and warning of their dangers.

El-Sisi asserted that the state has been keen to carry on with development ppojects during its war on terrorism, noting that the Armed Forces and the civilian police fought the "Forces of Evil" in Sinai for eight consecutive years from 2011.

The cost of protecting Sinai has been very high, the president underlined.

The president vowed to continue the construction process in the country despite the challenges posed by the increase in the country's population by 25 million in the last decade.

Despite all the challenges, the development process in the country could not be stopped in the last several years, he stressed.

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