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Damietta Furniture City

Monday، 21 November 2022 - 09:50 PM

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi opened Damietta Furniture City via video conference (2:50:10 to 3:28:10). Damietta Furniture City is one of the major national projects and one of the new city chains specialized in strategic industries. It is a starting point for small and medium enterprises and gate through which Damietta's furniture could reach the world, especially as it is the first and largest industrial area specialized in the furniture industry and complementary industries in the Middle East. Egypt's furniture, especially that of Damietta, is known for its high quality and has a good global reputation, which opens the door for exporing Damietta's furniture at the local, regional and global levels. The city is considered to be the hub of furniture industry for it has become an industry depending on modern technology after it was only a craft.

The project is located in Shata, Damietta, on an area of ​​331 feddans at the intersection of the international coastal road with Port Said / Damietta Road. The city includes all requirements of the furniture industry such as the various factories and workshops for the manufacture of furniture and complementary industries, service centers and administrative and investment areas.

Damietta Furniture City includes 54 hangars containing 1348 factories, workshops and center for furniture technology and 5 service centers including central workshops for serving small manufacturers, shops, administrative offices, a bank, police station, fire station and medical clinic.


• The city includes 21 main locations, including small and medium workshops, exhibitions and technology centers.

• The industrial zone includes 2,400 small and medium-sized workshops.

• The city includes 75 specialized factories with an area ranging from one thousand meters to 10 thousand meters.

• Small workshop space ranges from 100-150 meters.

• The area of ​​the first factory is 2550 m^2, which will be divided into 24 workshops for small furniture makers.

• Medium and small workshops are made on an area of ​​72.15 feddans.

• Large factories are located on 49,49 feddans.

• Exhibition complex is on an area of ​​20,94 feddans.

• Complementary industries complex is on an area of ​​9,76 feddans such as adhesives, paints, sponges and accessories needed for industry.

• The government services complex is built on an area of ​​4.62 feddans.

• The administrative complex is built on an area of ​​4.23 feddans.

• 35 feddans are allocated for the Damietta Furniture Sanitation Project.


National Goals:

• Providing the industrial infrastructure necessary to motivate the business sector and investors to implement industrial projects and reduce project construction costs.

• Developing the exporting capacity of the furniture industry sector.

• Maximizing the comparative advantage of specialized industries in general and the furniture industry in particular by enhancing technology in the furniture industry.

• Increasing the added value of the furniture industry in Egypt through developing furniture industries.

• Contributing to solving the problem of unemployment and providing more industrial job opportunities.

Regional Goals:

• Achieving the optimum utilization of the economic potentials of Damietta Governorate.

• Providing new job opportunities that contribute to solving the unemployment problem in the Delta governorates and northern Egypt.

• Fostering the contribution of the industrial sector in general and the furniture sector in particular in the development of North Delta.

• Expanding the production of standard furniture for hotels, tourist resorts, halls and schools.

• Diversifying the economic structure of the governorate to contribute to improving living standards and raising the low incomes.

• Confirming the city's promising industrial specialty.

• Providing a regional marketing center serving the local furniture market.

Local Goals:

• Serving the people of the governorate who work in furniture field and related activities.

• Preserving the environment and public health by directing many workshop owners inside the residential blocks in Damietta City to a dedicated area for the manufacturing of furniture.

• Establishing complementary small and medium projects for the furniture industry to provide production requirements.

• Forming new economic entity through the reception of small investors whose capital is proportionate to the available spaces and the nature of activities.

• Providing raw materials at reasonable prices, as a result of assembling production centers selling supplies near the site of the manufacturing workshops, which saves transportation costs.

Furniture Technology Center

Damietta Furniture Technology Center is concerned with preparing marketing studies for furniture manufacturers and testing furniture before exporting it. It also contributes to opening new markets for Egyptian furniture in various countries of the world.

The center will include an educational and academic institution for design and innovation, as well as exhibition halls aimed at promoting the city's products of furniture locally and internationally. This aims to provide opportunities to promote Damietta furniture, which will contribute to increasing the Egyptian exports of furniture, especially as marketing is one of the main problems that hinder the launch of the industry Egyptian furniture to foreign markets. There are also a government and administrative services complex, an integrated services area, warehouses, financial and banking institutions, a hospital, and places of worship.

Advantages of Industrial Workshops

Providing financing for small manufacturers with a 10% down payment system, the rest shall be paid in installments for 10 years, at a 5% interest. Basic services within the city for the workshops are available in addition to the presence of the technology center that provides internationally certified quality certificates for export.

Also, the presence of senior manufacturers gives workshop owners the opportunity to integrate manufacturing and production processes and display their products in a competitive climate. The city aims to provide entities that purchase waste from the workshops and recycle them in a way that guarantees increased income. Work is also done with the relevant authorities to give preferential benefits related to government tenders.

The Damietta Furniture City has established a website to market industrial products in the city internally and externally. Work is also taking place within a complete system with appropriate environmental and technical specifications. The company has established a permanent exhibition for marketing products.

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