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Sisi says Egypt acts to secure 1mn jobs annually

Monday، 05 December 2022 - 12:19 PM

With some one million youth seeking work opportunities every year, Egypt is facing a two-sided problem since it has to not only secure jobs, but also guarantee minimum wages to the new workforce, President Abdel Fattah El Sisi said Sunday.

Indeed, about one million persons join the labor market annually, the president said as he inaugurated some development projects in Alexandria earlier in the day.

“We are required to secure at least three million job opportunities in three years (2022-2025),” Sisi said, adding that the minimum wage should also be observed.

He urged Egyptian families to focus on such huge figures and think how the State could possibly create jobs for their sons and daughters within the coming three years.

One million jobs! That’s not a simple figure and no country in the world, at least not Egypt, can provide it annually, Sisi said.

This won’t stop in 2025, but will rather continue through 2030, the president added, wondering if Egypt could possibly secure jobs for eight million citizens in eight years.

Sisi dismissed claims that the government is only concerned with building roads and bridges, noting this does not mean that the agriculture sector, for instance, is not given due attention.

He talked about plans to plant 250,000 feddans with wheat, noting that the goal is to increase the wheat cultivated lot in Egypt to 400,000 feddans this year and one million feddans next year.

It is possible to increase the wheat cultivated lots in the New Delta, Toshka and East Owainat, the president said, noting that this means an increase to one million feddans that would produce between 2.5 and 3 million tons of wheat.

The Egyptian government is working to upgrade all sectors, whether the communications, education, health, industry or agriculture, the president stressed.

He urged the media to shed light on achievements of the different sectors. “All the data is available on the websites of the Cabinet and the different ministries, or the website of the presidency,” Sisi said.

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