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President El-Sisi Attends the 4th edition of “Differently-Abled” Celebration

Wednesday، 28 December 2022 - 09:10 PM

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi attended on Wednesday morning 28/12/2022 “Differently-Abled” Celebration for Persons of Determination and those with special Abilities at Al-Manara International Conference Center in New Cairo.

The event is meant to shed light on abilities of persons with disabilities.

Upon his arrival at the venue's celebration, President El-Sisi was received by Minister of Defense and Military Production Mohamed Zaki, Speaker of the House of Representatives Hanafy el-Gebaly, Grand Imam of Al Azhar Ahmed el -Tayyeb, along with a host of ministers and senior state officials. 

The celebration, held under the slogan of "We have a place", began with recitation of verses of Holy Quran by Omar Ashraf, a differently abled young man.

A documentary was displayed on "Differently-Abled" over the years, presenting the achievements as a result of the continued support of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi and all ministries and bodies of the State.

The documentary also highlighted the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports to the heroes of "Differently-Abled" in the various sports, as they represented Egypt in international and Arab events.

It also shed light on Egypt's launch of "Differently-Abled" fund to present support and care to the people with special abilities in more than 15 files, adding that the fund in cooperation with "Decent Life" initiative succeeded in qualifying more than 42,000 of those with special needs in the fields of physiotherapy and speech therapy to facilitate merging them in the community and establishing 20 centers to serve them across the various villages.

The athletes of "Differently-Abled" reviewed their accomplishments in the sports of swimming, basketball and karate and the care given by the State to them.

Sports anchor Seif Zahran thanked President Sisi for his support and care for the people with special abilities.

A documentary was displayed on the success of the heroes of special abilities and efforts of their families with them.

President Sisi commented on the documentary highlighting the care and great attention parents pay to their off spring.

For her part, a differently-abled girl called Khadiga Shaaban thanked the president for his support for all "differently-abled" people, saying "I love you president."

She, who is a student at the faculty of English literature of the British University, reminded the attendees when the president helped her last year to move with a wheel chair to achieve her dream of appearing on TV and refused to allow his accompanying guards to do so. 

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi commented saying: "everything in the world is destined and God manages everything."

He stressed the state's keenness to play its role in supporting its people.

In his speech, Minister of Youth and Sports Ashraf Sobhy said that Egypt organized 289 international events and championships and snatched 2,664 medals in individual and team sports.

He pointed out that Egypt hosted international championships for those with special needs that were not hosted in any other country around the world, noting that Egypt hosted the African Paralympic championship for weightlifting.

He added that Egypt implemented 50 projects and programs with the participation of 250,000 youth from people with special abilities.

Sobhy said that 1,497 programs, where 72 million youth took part, were implemented in cooperation with the civil institutions of the church, Al Azhar, Awqaf, education, higher education, health, culture and solidarity.

Sobhy lauded the care of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi to the people with special abilities.

Sobhy said that the competitive sports system of those with special needs has developed, pointing out to the expansion of activities of artistic and cultural hobbies of the disabled in coordination with the Ministry of Culture.

Media figure Nahwand Sery hailed the role played by the Egyptian state to protect the people of special abilities through adopting new laws, noting the importance of respecting their abilities and personalities.

One of the persons with special abilities presented Social Solidarity Minister Nivene el Kabbag to give her speech in the 4th edition of the 'Differently-Abled' celebration.

In her word Minister of Social Solidarity Nivine el-Kabbag said Egypt has incorporated social solidarity as a fundamental approach into all adopted national programs and policies achieving a quantum leap in empowering and integrating differently-disabled persons in society.

The minister said mingling special need persons in the society would be of great benefit at all levels, including the political one; entrenching the sense of belonging and citizenship and the cultural level as it helps disseminate awareness of the needs of the disabled.

The minister said the future lies in the cooperation of all segments of the society, to press ahead with overall development as every citizen should shoulder the responsibility, with a view to maintaining
our society's stability and dreams.

During "Ask the President" episode, President Abdel Fatah El Sisi answered questions asked by a group of persons of determination and those with special Abilities.

The president greeted the army and police martyrs, asserting that the country's army and police paid a high price to protect Egypt and its people.

The president said that 3,000 personnel from the army and police fell martyr while 13,000 others got injured as the soldiers sacrificed themselves maintain the country's security.

The president added that a civil war was prevented from the period between 2011 and 2013, a matter that protected the country from chaos. 

Asked by a young man about the most difficult time in his life, the president said it was in 2011, where he wept about the future of Egypt at that time.

President El-Sisi said the matters were about to get out of control as the country was facing real risks and that he was concerned about the country's future

He said many Egyptians including the Armed Forces felt concerned about the future of the country in 2011, but "God protected Egypt” at that time from destruction.

The president pointed out that he was concerned about Egypt's future especially in the period between 2011 and 2014 which, he said, witnessed a wave of terrorism and bombing of mosques, churches and security directorates.

The president said all Egyptians either Muslims or Christians paid dearly to keep the country safe and peaceful.

The president called on all Egyptians to protect the country and maintain the sacrifices of the army and police personnel.

President El-Sisi assured that the differently-abled persons about their future, saying the law and the constitution protect them.

The president pointed out that the differently-abled are offered a portion of job rate not only in government offices but also in the private sector, saying he ordered the minister of higher education to solve the problem of disabled youth, Mahmoud, who informed the president of his problem.

Responding to a question by Mahmoud, a differently-abled young man, about his dream of reaching the world cup finals, the president said he hoped that, as Egypt’s population reached 105 million people, 60 percent of them are youth. 

After "Ask the President" episode in the ceremony, Sisi was keen to have a photo-opportunity with each one of the group on the stage.

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi took a photo with a group of people of special needs participating in the launch of the fourth edition of the "Differently-Abled" ceremony at Al Manara International Conference Center.

The president greeted those having a photo-opportunity with him and was keen to hug them and kiss their foreheads in a humanitarian and parental touch.

This came as UAE renowned singer Hussein Jassmi was singing.

Jassmi had amicable talks with the president who forwarded greetings to the UAE and thanked him for participating in the ceremony.

President El-Sisi’s Speech at the “Differently-Abled” Celebration for People of Determination and those with special Abilities

A group of differently-abled persons has spontaneously come on the stage as the president was due to deliver his official speech and El-Sisi welcomed them.

In a humanitarian gesture and amid tremendous applause from participants, President El-Sisi exchanged conversation with a differently-abled person, who spontaneously moved toward President Sisi to hug him and express gratitude for his continued support to them.

Directing his speech to people of determination, President El-Sisi said: "You are the owners of the place and I am not flattering about that... who knows the truth wishes to be with you."

President El-Sisi, meanwhile, affirmed that with God's help Egypt will prevail against any difficulties that it might encounter.

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi urged the government to finalize programs and plans for empowering differently-abled people and merging them in all national projects and initiatives.

He underlined that differently-abled people represent a top priority for improving Egyptian people's lives. He tasked the Social Solidarity Ministry to facilitate the issuance of an integrated services card for handicapped people to make sure that they get all their rights, services, study fees, and pension.

The president also tasked the Youth and Sports Ministry with examining the idea of a special memberships for differently-abled people at all youth centers and youth innovation centers to get involved in all sports, artistic, and cultural activities.

He also called on the Youth and Sports Ministry to intensify support for talented people of special needs in the sports domain.

He also urged the Housing Ministry to take into consideration the needs of differently-abled people in housing projects. 

President El-Sisi entrusted the ministry of health and population to provide all integrated medical services to the differently-abled in all governorates.

He also entrusted the ministry of transport to enable the differently-abled persons to benefit from the transport projects including the underground metro and the monorail.

El-Sisi asked the ministry of youth and social solidarity to cooperate on launching "Differently-Abled" initiative at schools, universities and youth centers to encourage youth to take part in it.

The president called on the Ministry of Manpower to coordinate with agencies concerned to create jobs for youths with disability in various sectors.

The president said he was happy to join the persons with disability in Wednesday’s event to get acquainted with their needs, expressing hope for seeing their contribution to the progress of the homeland.

He said recent crucial conditions in the world created economic crises and imposed serious challenges a matter that requires a stance to overcome such crises and face the challenges.

President El-Sisi called on state authorities and institutions, including the Suez Canal Authority, to offer financial support worth 1 billion pounds to establish a fund for people with disabilities.

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