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Industries Complex in West Gerga - Sohag

Tuesday، 10 January 2023 - 06:12 PM

The project of small industries complex is located in west of Girga, built on an area of 65 acres.

The cost of establishing and implementing the project amounted to EGP858 million and 300 thousand. The project includes 178 industrial units.

The project is part of the presidential initiative, "Your factory is ready including licenses."

All facilities of the project, represented in drinking water and sanitation, electricity, industrial security, and fire hydrants, have been completed. The electricity source for the complex has been linked with the Electricity Company in Beit Dawood. The facilities and infrastructure have been provided to all industrial units, as well as the landscape of the project have been completed.

The Small Industries Complex in West Girga has administrative and service units, including "a showroom, an administrative building, a restaurant, a bank, a supermarket, a mosque, 2 sales outlets, a ground water tank and an electricity services distributor."

The project’s Goals

-         - Encouraging industry and investment

-         - Providing new job opportunities for young people

-         -Opening new horizons for economic development in the province

Characteristics of the industrial complex

Industrial units equipped with all facilities and different areas.

The location is close to the residential block, as it is approximately 4 km from the residential area.

There is availability of labor due to the proximity to the residential block.

The project is close to Sohag International Airport.

Each unit is equipped with a fire hydrant and a firebox.

The industrial unit of the project

The area of the industrial unit established on about 650 square meters, of which 450 square meters are closed buildings “hangers”, and 200 square meters is an open space in front of the hangar for storage.

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