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President El-Sisi’s Speech at the Police Day Celebration

Monday، 23 January 2023 - 06:15 PM

“In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful”


Gentlemen, Members of the Police Force,


Distinguished guests,


Allow me, at the outset, to extend to you the highest expressions of greetings and appreciation. Allow me as well to offer my special appreciation and respect to the families of the police martyrs. There is nothing more precious than sacrificing the lives of our sons for the homeland, and that is what these families have done willingly, not seeking a reward or gratitude. They only want their homeland to keep its head high; not subject to an occupier, but invincible in the face of any challenge, no matter how difficult it may be.




Ladies and Gentlemen,


Fate destined the 25th of January to be a symbol, not only of the Police Day and in honor of the heroism and sacrifices of its men, but also a banner for the spirit of defiance of the Egyptian people, from whom the police heroes emerged to stand-up to the usurper and occupier on the 25th of January, declaring – with deeds, not words - that death for the sake of the homeland is easier than accepting defeat and surrendering to it.


Destiny willed that this glorious day in Egypt's history remains a symbol of the Egyptian’s ability to challenge the impossible itself and stand-up in the face of  adversities and hardships like mountains, not affected by winds. This great spirit continues in the conscience of our people to this day, providing us with an endless supply of strength and steadfastness, helping us overcome the challenges and ups and downs of time.


During the past years, this spirit of defiance had a remarkable presence in the unprecedented events that Egypt has witnessed. If we look objectively and fairly at those years, we would find that few assessments expected Egypt to pass past this difficult phase of political, security, economic and social uncertainties peacefully. But as usual, the Egyptians with their mighty spirit of challenge and resilience, safeguarded their country, protected their historical gains, and rejected calls for demolition, destruction and chaos, and instead supported their national institutions. With patience and dignity, they embarked on the path of reform and development for Egypt to cross the phase of danger and firm-up the foundations of the state, to the phase of building and establishing the New Republic. We work toward turning the New Republic into an embodiment of the Egyptians’ dreams and aspirations.




Ladies and Gentlemen,


State-building is inconceivable without preserving national security, with all its elements and components. Also, the economy cannot grow and its potential cannot be unleashed without a solid, modern and integrated infrastructure. The homeland cannot endure and survive without maintaining national security, and safeguarding it from the threats that are well known to you, the great people who are aware of all the complexities in the region in which we are living, and of their repercussions on us domestically.


Within this context, civil police are exerting unfathomable efforts, and their sons are making sacrifices that the homeland highly appreciates and values. These sacrifices and efforts by the police contribute significantly to building our homeland and protecting the security of all Egyptian citizens living on this pure land.




The Great people of Egypt,


Developments on the international stage over the past few years carried to the entire world, of which we are a part, extremely complicated events, which started with the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic followed by the Russia-Ukraine crisis. These developments were not seen in decades and are a premonition of major changes, at both the international geopolitical and economic levels.


These are facts that reflected negatively on the majority of world countries and Egypt. At the beginning, our main concern was how to mitigate the impact of the global crises on us domestically. My directives to the government have always been to bear the bulk of the burdens and costs of the crises as much as it can and not to burden the citizens.


Despite the aforementioned, I know that the impact of the crisis is huge and causes pain to the people, particularly the limited-income brackets and neediest segments, who are engaged in a formidable daily struggle. We stand supportive to provide the needs of their families and children and addressing rising prices. I would like to reiterate our commitment to supporting and standing by them; a firm commitment by the state, that does not and will not change.


Let me talk with you honestly and clearly in the face of the misleading narrative going around that aims to depict the economic crisis as if it is purely an Egyptian matter that resulted from the state’s economic policies and national and developmental projects. In this regard, there are revealing questions that shall be asked:


- Is there a severe and unprecedented economic crisis facing the world or not?


- Are the world’s largest and most developed economies suffering in a manner not seen in long decades, maybe since the Great Depression and the two World Wars, or not?


- Did these repercussions result in what is known internationally as the


“global cost of living crisis”?


- Isn’t it logical and natural, and even inevitable, that this crisis casts its immense negative impact and reflects on us here in Egypt, which is part of the global economy and whose integration has increased robustly over the past decade?


I honestly tell the Egyptian people:




Egypt’s economic and demographic realities and conditions make it imperative for us to take huge developmental strides in a short period of time. We are, in fact, in a race against time to overcome hazards and repercussions of the population explosion.




The mega development projects implemented by the state are not aimed at bragging or showing off, but at establishing the investment environment and infrastructure necessary for achieving comprehensive economic development, which raises the standard of living of all people.


It is absolutely impossible to embark on the path of modern manufacturing and intensive export, without the elements necessary to achieve this, including cities, roads, transport and transportation network, technology, electricity, water, sanitation and all components of infrastructure, which Egypt has missed at the level required to realize its people's aspirations for progress and prosperity.




The dollar gap crisis did not emerge today or during this period, but is a recurrent pattern, which can be monitored by specialists. Its essence lies in our weak production and export capacity and our increasing demand for goods and services that are paid for in dollars. Therefore, increasing production and export is a crucial issue for Egypt. We know that, and we are working toward achieving this, exerting utmost effort and energy.




The great people of Egypt,


Realizing hopes requires effort, patience, stamina or in other words: requires the imperishable Egyptian spirit of challenge that was demonstrated in the events of the January 25, 1952, and manifested many times in other historical events in the distant and near past, in which the Egyptians had always been up to the challenge, capable of defeating and even annihilating it.


My trust in Allah and in the people of Egypt is absolute that we will surmount the global economic crisis and its effects on us, through sincere and hard work, relentless efforts, our belief that Allah “will not waste the reward of those who work righteousness” and that are capable of building a homeland, fulfilling our aspirations for a dignified, progressive and prosperous life.


Thank you. May Allah bestow you with good, health and peace and the police authority with progress and success in the service of the people and the country.




And with its great people:


Long live Egypt, long live Egypt, long live Egypt


May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon you


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