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PM: Romanian PM's historical visit to Egypt to contribute to boosting bilateral ties

Saturday، 04 February 2023 - 05:48 PM

Prime Minister Moustafa Madbouli Saturday 04/02/2023 welcomed the historical visit of Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca to Egypt.

Madbouli said the Egyptian government is appreciating a move by Romania to receive Egyptian students, who were forced to leave Ukraine during the Russian-Ukrainian military operation and help them return home.

Speaking at a joint press conference with Ciuca, who is currently visiting Egypt, Madbouli said that the Romanian premier's historical visit to Egypt will contribute to boosting relations between the two countries.

The Egyptian prime minister asserted his country and Romania have deep and profound ties, dating back to 117 years.

Prime Minister Moustafa Madbouli said the talks with Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca tackled some issues to foster economic relations between the two countries and the joint trade exchange, whose volume reached more than one billion dollars last year.

Madbouli added he is pleased to cooperate with Romania in the field of fertilizers, petrochemicals and other goods Egypt is exporting to the country.

The Egyptian premier asked his Romanian counterpart to increase the volume of importing grains, saying Romania is a basic producer of grains in Europe and the world at large.

The Romanian premier promised to boost this field to up trade volume.

Madbouli said he is looking forward for the convocation of the joint committee and conference for probing some scientific and technical topics, slated for this current year in Bucharest.

The two sides are making necessary preparations for holding a forum for businessmen from Egypt and Romania, according to him.

For his part, Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca asserted his visit to Egypt is aiming to boost bilateral relations between the two countries.

Ciuca said his country is looking forward to promoting ties with Egypt on all fronts.

The Romanian premier said his talks with Madbouli tackled some issues of mutual interest and all future capabilities and potentials to enhance joint ties.

It is necessary to probe all mechanisms for further trade relations between both countries, according to him.

"We will exert our utmost efforts to avoid a food crisis, and we will seize every opportunity to secure all Egyptian needs and make up for any shortages," the Romanian premier said during the joint news briefing with Madbouli.

Ciuca also pointed to a joint business forum his country will host later this year to discuss how to promote every aspect of economic cooperation during the technical consultations.

He noted that the talks will also cover how to bolster Egyptian-European ties for regional integration between Europe and Africa, a matter of critical importance to Bucharest.

The Romanian prime minister said today's talks with Madbouli had also covered how to exchange energy and capacity-building support to make the best use of green hydrogen as a clean source of energy.

In addition, it has also been agreed to share expertise in government digital transformation implementation strategies, Ciuca pointed out, noting that these talks provide a good chance to bolster bilateral ties under the current political leadership in both countries.

Finally, Ciuca pledged that he will spare no efforts to execute all the decisions agreed today with his Egyptian counterpart, highlighting his country's willingness to maintain mutual cooperation at all levels.


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