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President El-Sisi attends the 37th Cultural Symposium of the Armed Forces on Martyr’s Day

Thursday، 09 March 2023 - 01:03 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi witnessed, on Thursday 9/03/2023, the 37th cultural seminar of the Armed Forces that was held at Al Manara International Conference Center within the framework of a ceremony marking the Martyr's Day.

The seminar was attended by Senate Speaker Abdul Wahhab Abdul Razaq, Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli, Minister of Defense and Military Production Mohamed Zaki and a host of ministers and top state officials.

The Martyr's Day falls on March 9 every year to commemorate the death of Lieutenant General Abdel-Moneim Riad who sacrificed his life for the sake of the nation in 1969.

The seminar started with screening a documentary film on the efforts exerted by humans to realize development and achievements to change their nation's conditions, especially those who martyred for their nation.

The film highlighted a previous speech by President Abdel Fattah El Sisi in which he underlined the sacrifices made by Egyptian youths to protect the nation and people.

In this speech, the president called for cherishing these sacrifices by maintaining the achievement realized.

Another documentary film was screened under the title of "immortal icons" which highlighted the outstanding championships of Egyptian martyrs whose name will be immortal.

After the second film, a show was presented to narrate a story of three Armed Forces champions who martyred in Sinai.

The president saluted the mothers of the three martyrs and was keen to have a photo-opportunity with them.

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi posed for a photo op with three mothers of martyrs at the 37 Cultural Seminar of the Armed Forces.

The president praised great sacrifices of martyrs, reiterating that Egypt currently enjoys peace and security thanks to the sacrifices of martyrs.

El Sisi had a friendly conversation with the martyrs’ mothers who expressed happiness for meeting the president.

El Sisi stressed that he is proud of the sacrifices made by the martyrs nine years ago.

President El Sisi reiterated that the martyrs and their families, particularly mothers, paid dearly to maintain security in Egypt and combat terrorism.

He said all Egyptians are proud of the martyrs’ sacrifices, highlighting the bravery of Lieutenant General Abdel-Moneim Riad who sacrificed his life for the sake of the nation in 1969.

“We did not and will never forget our martyrs who sacrificed their lives to ensure Egypt’s peace and security,” the president said.

El Sisi underscored the need to protect the homeland and prevent reoccurrence of any sabotage actions in Egypt, stressing that Egypt witnessed great achievements over the past 10 years thanks to Allah and then the sacrifices of army, police and all Egyptians.

The president promised the families of martyrs to celebrate the Martyr’s Day in Sinai to be proud of such great sacrifices.

Afterwards, a group of Armed Forces youths presented a theatrical show under the title "hero of the story", in which they presented characters of martyrs and their worry about their families.

The show shed light on the life of the families of martyrs after losing their beloved ones while defending their country.

The show included four stories; a story of a child who lost his father, another of a Nubian family that grieved over the loss of one of its members, a wife who lost her husband and was left alone with her child, and finally a story about the life of a family that lost two martyrs.

Several patriotic songs were chanted during the show, shedding light on the Armed Forces personnel's strong attachment to "Sinai" the Land of Turquoise that has always been and will always be a pearl on the forehead of the homeland, referring to the war the Armed Forces and Police engaged in on Sinai's soil over the past ten years to purge it from the most dangerous terrorists and spare it the peril of extreme terror organizations.

The President made it clear that Egyptians would not leave Sinai to anyone, saying it will either remains a pure Egyptian land or they would die on its soil.

President El Sisi called on Egyptians to take pride in their army for it does not fear death as they totally believe that in their death there lies another life. 

A documentary entitled "Sinai an epic of sacrifice and building" produced by the Armed Forces Morale Affairs Department was screened.

The documentary started with a word by the president in which he said Egypt 's strong fight in confronting and facing up to terror groups and false ideologies would remain engraved in history.

It also featured scenes from fierce battles that ragged on Sinai's soil, with the president affirming the Armed Forces retaliation for all martyrs.

The documentary also highlighted President Sis's directives to military and police personnel to eliminate and root out all forms of terror in Sinai, as they promptly acted launching an all-out war on terror.

It depicted that such operations in Sinai resulted in destroying 273,249 warehouses, hideouts and tunnels, 1,129 vehicles, 2,344 motor bikes, 1,369 multiple weapons, 8,831 explosive devices, 1,790 wireless devices and PCs, in addition to seizing a large amount of ammunition.

The film also spotted how life returned to normal in Sinai as an outcome of Egyptian sacrifices.

It also underscored the State's efforts to utilize Sinai's resources, as the Armed Forces was keen on pressing ahead with construction efforts in Sinai and setting up giant development ventures on its soil.

The documentary concluded with the statement " Sinai a dream of a homeland realized at the hands of its people promising to present the best."

Also, a number of artistic shows were presented organized by the Armed Forces Morale Affairs Department, in cooperation with the Ministry of Sports and Youth.

President El-Sisi also honored families of martyrs and injured of the Armed Forces personnel.

Mothers and wives thanked Sisi for honoring their beloved martyred sons and husbands, who sacrificed their lives for Egypt's peace and stability.

The President also honored military personnel who were wounded in military operations in 1973 and took photos with them.

El-Sisi also honored a number of Sinai residents who were injured during shootouts with terrorist elements. 

They all posed for a photo op in a cordial atmosphere of friendly talk with the president. 

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi addressed the ceremony lauding great sacrifices made by martyrs to guarantee Egypt’s security and satiability.

He stressed that fighting terrorism over the past 10 years was not an easy task.

He asserted that the martyrs sacrificed their lives to maintain Egypt’s security and combat terrorism.

The president shed light on malicious campaigns that targeted the destruction of the state and its institutions for 10 years.

He pointed out the entire conspiracy against Egypt was in 2011 when people were busy at Tahrir Square while state institutions were being sabotaged in Sinai and on January 28, 2011 things got out of control and the matter was very dangerous.

He asserted the martyrs who sacrificed their souls paid a big price for the sake of Egypt to enjoy peace, safety and security.

The president underscored Egypt's greater capability of riding out difficulties and challenges.
He affirmed that no terrorism can destroy a country if it is united, saying: “There are prices, large time and great abilities as well as cost to uproot terrorism, in addition to the men who sacrificed their souls for the sake of Egypt."

The president further mentioned that there will be - for sure- an end to all what we have seen on a daily basis over the past ten years.

He said: “I am speaking as an eyewitness to let you know that there has been thought, planning and measures over the past ten years."

He added: “In seven years, a giant infrastructure for terrorism was established in North Sinai including military equipment warehouses and human elements.”

President El-Sisi underlined the necessity of promoting joint military efforts and action by the police and the army to uproot terror acts. 

The president revealed that the entire conspiracy against Egypt was unfolded in 2011, saying at the time when people gathered at Tahrir Square, the State institutions were being sabotaged in Sinai, citing the attack on police stations and security directorates.

President El-Sisi added that the situation spiralled out of control on January 28, 2011, noting that he spoke with the then-defence minister Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawy, who ordered to deploy troops to the borders with Israel to control the situation.

He noticed that the number of troops in Sinai increased in the past nine years to eradicate terrorism.

The president stated that when he came to power in 2014, he chose to purge Sinai from terrorists and rebuild the State that was experiencing very difficult circumstances from 2011 to 2013. 

President El-Sisi said the State should always remain highly alert for any plotted intrigues and ready to face up to all terror elements, referring to the high cost of the war on terror.

The president pointed out to the great sacrifices made for the sake of living in peace, noting that the families of martyrs should always feel the deep appreciation of all Egyptians for the precious sacrifices paid, saying: "We should be firmer from now on as there are many challenges besetting us that have not yet ended."

He added: "Building a state with a population of over 105 million people and that hosts six million people who live among Egyptians, along with endeavouring to restore its pioneering role in the education, health and all other fields and sectors is not easy, for it requires great efforts and sacrifices."

President El-Sisi said that an exhibition on the war against terror in Sinai will be set up displaying weapons, ammunition, communication devices and war equipment used in anti-terror battles.

He explained that the exhibition will be held to honour the memory of the nation's fallen heroes and show to visitors the ferociousness of the war against terror.

The president said the war against terrorists in Sinai was not easy; it was not a war in its traditional notion, "as we were not fighting a recognized enemy that could be seen, but rather a disguised enemy living amongst us and attacking us stealthily."

President El-Sisi called on Egyptians to stay united in the face of any attempt meant to undermine the nation's stability.

He also accentuated the importance of including all events related to the war against terror into school and university curricula and highlighting them in the media.

According to the president, destroying countries from inside is extremely dangerous for it implies subversive methodologies.

He further assured all Egyptians that the Egyptian State is enjoying peace and stability.

He warned against dangers of civil wars, referring to countries that plunged into civil wars that have not ended up to date, comparing the situation in Egypt now to the situation in 2012 and 2013.

The president said: "God has spared Egypt the danger of sliding into civil war, despite all malicious conspiracies."

He also voiced deep appreciation and extended his greetings to the families of all martyrs.

The president concluded his word by saying: "Tahya Misr..Tahya Misr..Tahya Misr (Long Live Egypt ... Long Live Egypt ... Long Live Egypt)".

And the Ceremony concluded by playing the National anthem of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

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