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Bilateral Relations

Egypt and Belize

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A Central American country bordered to the north by Mexico, to the south and west by Guatemala, and to the east by the Caribbean Sea. Mainland Belize is about 290 km long and 110 km wide.


Belize Dollar


22.960 km²


Belize Dollar



Political relations

Egypt has diplomatic relations with Belize and Cairo is represented there by the Egyptian ambassador to Mexico, as well as its permanent representative to the United Nations.

Belize supports Egypt in international forums as well as Arab causes." It has an Arab community.

Economic relations

Bilateral relations at the economic and trade level remain very limited.

The agricultural grants provided by Egypt are one of the most prominent aspects of cooperation between the two countries, considering the importance of agricultural activity in the Belizean economy.

The year 2016 witnessed intense activity to boost economic relations and take advantage of the investment opportunities offered by Belize to foreign investors, especially in light of the Belize Investment Law, which grants many incentives in the field of customs and tax exemptions.

 On more than one occasion, Belizean officials express their aspiration that their country will receive the attention of the public and private sectors in Egypt to study the possibility of directing Egyptian investments to the fields of agriculture, petroleum, mining and tourism.

A delegation from the Egyptian company Pico working in the fields of petroleum and agriculture in Mexico (investment volume of $ 220 million) visited Belize, to explore investment opportunities in the fields of petroleum, agriculture and tourism, where the delegation interviewed the Ministers of Economy, Tourism and Agriculture as well as the President of the General Petroleum Corporation, and was briefed on the investment incentives in Belize and agreed to provide the company with offers.

Cooperation Agreements

- Agreement on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations in 1981

- Projects of memorandums of understanding for twinning between Alexandria Governorate and Belize City

- Projects of memorandums of understanding for twinning between Cairo and the capital Belmopan

- Memorandums of Understanding between the Federation of Chambers of Commerce in the two countries


In 2007, Egypt provided a shipment of medicines from the Egyptian Red Crescent to the Red Cross in Belize, which was hit by the devastating Hurricane Wynn, which caused severe damage to its economy, as well as the displacement of large numbers of its citizens, whose homes were destroyed by the hurricane.

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