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Bilateral Relations

Egypt and Thailand

Friday، 05 May 2023 - 03:22 AM

Egypt and Thailand have maintained time-honored relations since the establishment of the diplomatic relations. The Thai government appreciates Egypt's status and its regional weight and geographical location as a meeting point of the three continents.

Political Relations

Developing political relations with Thailand is easy due to its uniqueness as a large economic and financial fulcrum in the Southeast Asia. Thailand considers Egypt as a pivotal state in the Middle East and Africa and its main entrance to the region.

In 2003, the 1st Joint Commission session was held in at the level of foreign ministers and the 2nd session also held in Cairo in 2006. During the 2nd session the two countries agreed on a work plan that includes all aspects of cooperation in the economic, technical, commercial, educational, power, tourism, aviation, health and medicine and security fields.

In 2003, a mechanism for political consultation was established between the two countries and its last session was held in Bangkok in February 2008.

Mutual Visits

In April 2010, a Parliamentary delegation has visited Thailand to attend the international Parliamentary Union Conference.

In November 2009, the head of the national Thai committee against corruption has paid an official visit to Egypt.

In 2008, the Mufti of Egypt has visited Thailand.

In 2007, Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar has visited Thailand.

Economic Relations

The total volume of trade between and reached 850 million dollars in 2009.

The Embassy provides the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Trade and Industry with periodical lists and data about commercial and industrial exhibitions to be held in throughout the year.

The Embassy provides the concerned Thai authorities with the updated economic indicators of the Egyptian economy on a regular basis, so as to attract Thai investors to the Egyptian market.

Investment Relations

Launching of a factory in Sohag governorate, for recycling corn wastes.

"PTTEP" Company, which is one of the biggest Thai companies in the field of oil, has started its operation in 2008.

Contractual Framework

·         A cultural, educational and scientific agreement signed in 1976.

·         Trade agreement signed in 1984.

·         Technical and scientific protocol cooperation in the field of agriculture signed in 1985.

·         Technical and scientific agreement signed in 1987.

·         An agreement establishing a joint political consultation committee between the two countries in 1989.

·         An agreement on the promotion and protection of investments in 2002.

·         An agreement on the prevention of double taxation on income.

·         An agreement establishing a joint business council between the two countries in 2008.

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