01 October 2023 06:16 PM

Emigration Minister meets expats in Ireland, Scotland, Northern Ireland

Saturday، 10 June 2023 - 03:56 PM

State Minister for Emigration and Egyptian Expatriates Affairs Soha El Gendy on Saturday 10/06/2023 had a virtual meeting with 45 prominent figures from the Egyptian expat community in Ireland, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

Held as part of "An Hour with the Minister" initiative, the meeting took up the situation of Egyptian expats, as well as their ideas and proposals for linking expat community members with their motherland.

Gendy started the meeting by reaffirming her ministry's commitment to pursuing a sustainable outreach strategy with Egyptians living abroad to have direct contact with them and get acquainted with and respond to their needs and inquiries.

She also applauded the efforts exerted by Egyptian expats to organize and be actively engaged in various events aimed at preserving their Egyptian identity, urging them to register their names as potential participants in the 4th edition of the Egyptian expats' conference, to kick off on July 31.

This year's conference will deal with a set of important themes, including economy, investments, the ongoing National Dialogue and State policies, and expat services, the minister pointed out, noting that representatives from the ministries and state bodies concerned will participate in the conference sessions.

The 4th edition is expected to see a wider participation of Egyptian expats from all over the globe, in light of the achievements of the 3rd edition, which saw the fulfillment of 20-year-old dreams of the expats, such as enacting a law allowing them to bring home tax-free vehicles, offering flight ticket discounts, facilitated loans, and discounts on housing units in case of paying their price in foreign currency, Gendi said.


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