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Egypt to open online application for expats to settle military conscription status

Friday، 28 July 2023 - 01:04 PM

Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Thursday 27/7/2023 that Egyptian men living abroad with outstanding conscription status may apply online to settle the issue starting in August.

Applications will open on 14 August through an online portal on the foreign affairs website.

Applicants will be able to submit documents and their reason for staying abroad, whether it is education, employment, or medical treatment, the ministry added.

The portal is open to men aged 19-30 who are eligible for conscription as well as men over 30, who are also required to settle their status.

Those who do not settle their status will not be able to renew their passport after it expires.

The required documents include a photocopy of the national ID, photocopy of the passport, date of birth, military identification number (if applicable), date of exit from Egypt, and current country of residence.

The application fee of $5,000 must be deposited in Banque Misr's Abu Dhabi branch. The applicant must provide the name of their bank account as well as their bank name.

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