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President El-Sisi Attends Cultural Symposium Marking 50th Anniversary of October War Victory

Wednesday، 04 October 2023 - 12:00 AM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi witnessed, on Wednesday 04/10/2023, the cultural seminar of the Armed Forces on the 50th anniversary of the 6th of October victory, held at Al Manara International Conference Center in New Cairo. 

The event is organized by the Armed Forces on the occasion of the country's celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of the glorious October war victory.

The activities began with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran.

President Sisi participated in saluting martyrs and playing the national anthem.

For her part, announcer and actor Nagwa Ibrahim said she was honored to take part in two films about the October victory.

Arab League Secretary General Ahmed Abul Gheit said the October war was important to restore strategic balance in the region.

Arab League (AL) Secretary General Ahmed Aboul Gheit said the October war in 1973 was necessary for restoring strategic regional balance. After the June 1967 War, the Israeli intentions were to remain on the ground and not withdraw from it, and that the issue necessitated fighting another war as a result of the Israeli philosophy which it adopted.

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi saluted the heroes of Ras El-Esh battle of the 6th of October war and he called upon attendees to stand to salute them.

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi also saluted Brigadier General Ahmed Shawqi, who he did not participate due to his health conditions, as part of the activities of the 38th educational symposium on the 50th anniversary of the victory of the glorious October War.

For her part, media professor and documentary film maker Maha Shahba said several documentary films highlighted the enlightened moments in Egypt's history, especially the October victory. 

She noted that she presented in documentary films various characters representing all Egyptian people segments, referring to presenting the story of soldier Abdel Gawwad Sweilam who was maimed during the war of attrition.

For his part, Youtube content maker Mohamed Mamdouh said that his generation did not witness the war and the coming generations want to know about the October war.

He referred to the erroneous information in the media, especially those written by the West or Israel.

He said there are many ways for casting aspersions about achievements and spreading erroneous information and facts.

Former director of the College of Command and Staff Mahmoud Talha said the questions raised about the outcome of the October war are meant to cast doubt about the victory.

He said that victory is assessed according to how far the war achieved the goal for which it was launched.

Mohamed Mamdouh, electronic content creator on YouTube, also said media misinformation and lies are not limited to the October War only, but may also be used in terrorist acts by exaggerating the number of victims or the effects of the incident in order to create confusion within the society.

He warned that some countries spent money on historical works to rewrite history from their point of view.

He said media misinformation is very dangerous, but Egypt is not the only country that endures this, noting that many major countries experience the same, but they all are aware of the importance of relying on facts. That’s why celebrating the 6th of October war in different ways is very important so that everyone knows that we have a great army.

Egyptian actress and presenter Isaad Younis highlighted the important role played by art (soft power) during the October victory, saying many artists were present at the Egyptian radio building to celebrate the victory.

She said the artworks that the artists produced during the October victory were not spur of the moment because they had been waiting for the dream of victory for six years since the defeat and they were all living in hope.

El-Sisi watched a documentary made by the Department of Morale Affairs of the Armed Forces featuring the setback of June 1967 when Israel launched an attack on Egypt, Syria, and occupied Palestine, an attack that ended up by occupying the Syrian Golan Heights, Gaza, the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Sinai.

The film showed how the Suez Canal was closed to global navigation during this period.

The documentary narrated the beginning of the War of Attrition, a war that was full of military operations carried out by Egyptian commando troops till 1970.

The film also shed light on the great heroism of the Egyptian commando forces in the Battle of Ras Al-Esh and the sinking of the largest Israeli naval vessel, the “Destroyer Eilat,” and other battles in which the Egyptian forces were victorious.

The documentary film referred to the Battle of Bahr Al Baqar, in which 30 boys and girls were martyred and 50 others were injured in 1970, pointing at the same time to the strategic plans created by late President Anwar Sadat that led to the eruption of the 1973 war in which the Egyptian army achieved a glorious victory over the enemy.

Following the documentary, actor Taha Desouky greeted all filmmakers who took part in commemorate the great October victory, pointing out that writing history has now become available to anyone. To make himself clearer, he said in the age of social media, things have become faster and easier, and there are people who have appointed themselves historians on their personal pages, and each of them writes what he wants from his point of view.

After 50 years, we now find people questioning this victory on Facebook, he said.

After that, President El-Sisi watched a musical performance by singer Mahmoud El Esseily.

El-Sisi watched a documentary presented by the artist Khaled Al-Nabawi entitled “A Nation’s Journey”, featuring the accomplishments and military victories achieved by Egyptians across history starting from the time of the Pharaohs till the modern state.

The film shed light on the occupation of the Palestinian territories in 1948, 1952 revolution, the 1956 War and 1973 Victory.

After that, President El-Sisi watched a singing segment presented by the artists: Angham, Ahmed Saad, Mohamed Fouad, and Mohamed Hamaki, as part of the activities of the 38th educational symposium for the armed forces on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the glorious October victory.

The President then honored a number of heroes of the October War Victory.

President El-Sisi’s Speech at the Cultural Symposium Marking 50th Anniversary of October War Victory

The activities concluded with President El-Sisi’s Speech at Cultural Symposium Marking 50th Anniversary of October War Victory

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