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Al-Hakim Mosque by God's command

Monday، 06 November 2023 - 09:44 AM
Al-Hakim Mosque by God's command

Al-Hakim Mosque is the fourth oldest mosque remaining in Egypt and the second largest mosque in Cairo after Ibn Tulun Mosque. It was ordered by the Fatimid Caliph Billah in the year 379 AH / 989 AD and died before its completion, so his son al-Hakim completed it by the command of God 403 AH / 1013 AD.


The mosque is currently located at the end of Al-Moez Li-Din Allah Al-Fatimi Street, "Al-Gamaliya District", next to Bab Al-Futuh. At the time of its construction, the mosque was outside the walls of old Cairo, which was built by Jawhar Al-Siqali (382 AH / 992 AD), and then became within the city limits after Badr Al-Jamali (487 AH / 1094 AD)  had made the expansion of the city and the construction of the current walls.


The main prominent entrance on the western facade is the oldest example of the prominent entrances in Egypt, where the Fatimid’s took their idea from the Mahdia Mosque in Tunisia. Al-Hakim Mosque also  played the same role that Al-Azhar Mosque was playing at that time in terms of being a center for the teaching of the Shiite sect.


The mosque has an interesting history, as the French campaign made it the headquarters of its soldiers and used its minarets as watchtowers, and the canopy of its kiblah was used as the first Islamic museum in Cairo called the House of Arab Antiquities.

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