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Ali- Al -Rubi mosque

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Ali- Al -Rubi mosque


Al-Rubi mosque and a mausoleum, which is located in Al-Sufi area in Fayyoum city, next to the fire brigade.



Fayyoum people celebrate the annual birthday festival of the Sheikh in the middle of Sha’ban. It’s one of the most important Mulids in Middle Egypt.








The area consists of a mosque; a mausoleum and a dome built by Sultan Barquq, in recognition of the grace of Sheikh Ali al-Rubi, May God have mercy on him, whose ancestry is related to Abbas Ibn Abdul Muttalib, uncle of the Messenger of God, May God bless him and grant him peace.




He is one of the righteous parents of God, and he was called Sheikh Al-Abd Al-Zahid Sultan Barquq.




when he was a prince, preached that he would become a sultan and indeed he became .So he decided to build the mosque for Sheikh Ali Al-Ruby in the year 784 AH in recognition of his beauty and to meet there with lovers of knowledge and lovers of the Sheikh.




As for the exact description of the shrine, as mentioned in the documents of the Islamic Antiquities Authority in Fayyoum, the shrine from the outside has 4 facades, 3 of which are adjacent to neighboring houses, and the fourth facade, which is to the southeast, has two doors that lead to the inside of the shrine, one of them on the eastern end, and an entrance on both sides of it is “muffled”, which is what It resembles the mastaba and is oriented from above with a masonry arch.








A wooden shutter is attached to the opening of the door, and the other is at the southern end, which is directly on the azimuth of the wall. This facade is preceded by a quadrilateral arch, and the dome is topped by the crescent.






As for the layout of the mosque, its horizontal plan is square, its side is 8.20 m, with the chest of each of its ribs, a doorway of 4.70 m. The eastern one is a simple lamp, while the other one has a parallel to a closed entrance, each of which is surrounded by a prominent triangular arch, and on both sides of each entrance are two cupboards.




The mausoleum does not have a hollow mihrab due to the limited space, and the mausoleum is not a place for prayer, and the shrine was attached to the Ruby Mosque, so the architect was satisfied with defining the kiblah by means of a small symbolic niche made of plaster.




The minaret of the mosque is adjacent to the southern end of the mausoleum.




It is Ottoman-era, Mamluk style, and from the outside, it consists of a base of a cubic shape with its corners columns, following the base, the transition area to reach the octagonal body, by means of concave triangles, followed by a recessed octagonal area, and after that the octagonal body and each side of the ribs are crowned .


A pointed necklace surrounded by a frame of round memes, and three rows of muqarnas crowned the body.






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