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Juyushi Mosque

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Juyushi Mosque

It overlooks Cairo from the top of Mount Mokattam. It is considered the first mosque built with stone in Cairo. Its architectural importance is due to its minaret, which is considered the oldest of the Fatimid minarets in Egypt, and holds the number of 304 among the Islamic monuments.We are talking here about Zawiya Al-Jyoushi mosque.

On 478 AH - 1085 AD on the edge of the Mokattam mountain behind the citadel, Al-Juyoushi mosque has been built by the Fatimid , Badr al-Jamali, the minister of Caliph al-Mustansir. It contains distinct architectural decorations. It has been so called by this name in relation to the Emir of the Armies, Badr al-Jamali. who is the father of of Badr al-Jamali.  He has been an Armenian origin, bought by Jamal al-Dawla bin Imad, and therefore known as al-Jamali. He rose in service until he assumed the Emirate of Damascus in the year 455 AH / 1062 AD, during the reign of al-Mustansir

The Encyclopedia of "Mosques of the Ministry of Awqaf" says about the mosque, which has an area of ​​270 meters, and was built on a rectangle of 18 meters long and 15 meters wide.

The layout of this mosque is considered unusual one among Egypt’s mosque, as one enters through the door located in the middle of the western direction to a berm on its right, a staircase leading to the minaret, and on its left a covered room with a cross vault, and from this dungeon one reaches an open courtyard, on his right and left are two rectangular rooms.

It is topped by a large arch that rests on two pairs of marble columns, and on its sides are two small arches. These arches lead to the qibla iwan, which includes a front portico that is covered with three cross vaults with three arched openings.

The middle opening from it leads to a square space in front of the mihrab, covered by a dome, its octagonal neck, by means of a single cap in each corner of the square. 

In every corner of the square, this square is decorated with the highest style of ornate Kufic writing, and the top of the dome is decorated with a circular frame in which Quranic verses are written in Kufic script.

The mihrab of this mosque is also considered one of the most beautiful plaster niches, the best of which are made, which resemble the decorations of the Al-Azhar Mosque

As for its minaret, the encyclopedia pointed out that the minaret of the Zawiya al-Juyoushi Mosque has a special importance in the development of the minarets of mosques in Cairo.  As, for the minaret of the Abu al-Ghazanfar Dome, that is located at east of Cairo, was built according to its style.

The minaret of the mosque is located in the middle of the northern side, and its height is 20 meters. It consists of a square base that ends with a muqarnas, topped by another square and then an octagon carrying the top of the minaret, which is in the form of a small polygonal dome.

The history of the corner is inscribed on a marble plaque above the lintel of the main entrance. The writing consists of five lines of calligraphy, in which it says that this corner was established by the Commander of the Faithful, Imam al-Mustansir Billah, Commander of the Armies in Muharram in the year 478.

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