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Sayyida Zeinab Mosque

Monday، 06 November 2023 - 05:37 PM
Sayyida Zeinab Mosque

Al-Sayeda Zainab Mosque is a historic mosque in Cairo, Egypt, and constitutes one of the most important and biggest mosques in the history of Egypt. The name is an honor to Sayyidah Zaynab bint Ali, one of the daughters of Ali, fourth Caliph and first Shi'ite Imam, and his first wife Fatimah, daughter of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

The mosque is located in Al-Sayeda Zainab neighborhood of Cairo, where its name was taken from the name of the mosque. The mosque occupies the center of the neighborhood and there is Al-Sayeda Zainab square in front of the mosque. The square is one of the most famous and important squares in Cairo, and there are numerous restaurants and cafes packed with people especially during the breakfast and sahur time of the Islamic month of Ramadan. Zayn al-Abidin Street connects the mosque to the different major locations in Cairo.

The mosque was considered built on top of the grave of Sayyida Zaynab the sister of Hasan and Husain. Some historians consider that Sayyida Zaynab was exiled to Egypt few months after the Battle of Karbala, where she settled for nine months before her death, and she was buried in this site.[1] As such, the location is considered one of the most notable places of Islamic history and the most popular tombs to visit among Sunnis and Isma'ili Shi'ites.

It is said that the mosque was built on the grave of Sayyida Zainab in the year 85 AH, and the scene was mentioned and described by many travelers, including, for example, Al-Kawhaini Al-Andalus, who entered Egypt during the Fatimid era of Al-Muizz li-Din Allah, and described that Caliph Al-Muizz was the one who ordered the reconstruction of the mosque, built it, and inscribed on its dome and entrance.

In the tenth century AH, it was reconstructed by Prince Abd al-Rahman Katkhuda al-Qazughli. He built the shrine of Sheikh al-Atris, which is now located outside the mosque, and inscribed on the shrine: “O Lady Zeinab, O daughter of Fatima al-Zahra, I have extended your support.” Muhammad Ali Pasha family  took great care of the mosque, and the mosque was renovated several times. In the current era, the mosque has expanded, almost doubling its area.

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