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President El-Sisi Receives Prime Ministers of Spain and Belgium

Friday، 24 November 2023 - 12:00 AM

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi received, 24-11-2023, at Ittihadia Palace the prime ministers of Spain, the current European Union president, and Belgium, the next president, in joint tripartite discussions to discuss developments in the Gaza Strip.

The president had a joint press conference with Spain’s Pedro Sánchez and Belgium’s Alexander De Croo in Cairo, where he welcomed their visit to Egypt.

Sisi said his talks with the prime ministers tackled developments of military confrontations in the Gaza Strip and the required procedures to settle this crisis.

The president voiced hope that the 4-5 days truce could be extended through the release of Hamas-held hostages with the delivery of more humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

President Sisi stressed that aid, including water, food and medical equipment needs, will be delivered to 2.3 million people in the Gaza Strip.

People in the Gaza Strip have no drinkable water, food or medical supplies since October 7, Sisi said, noting that the Israeli shelling has killed more than 15,000 Palestinians, including over 5,500 children and 2,000 women, so far.

We must take into consideration that 60% to 70% of civilian victims are children and women, said President Sisi.

However, the situation is very different in Gaza, he said, affirming Egypt will never allow or accept the forced displacement of Palestinians or liquidate the Palestinian cause, according to him.

There is an international agreement and genuine understanding by friends in Spain and Belgium on the matter, said Sisi.

This urgent phase is the stage of containing the escalation and setting the stage along with providing assistance, Sisi said, adding Egypt has offered so far nearly 70% to 75% of total aid provided for the Strip despite the economic conditions in the country.

Following talks with the Spanish and Belgian prime ministers, it is important that the international community offer assistance that is sufficient to the civilians who are suffering in the Gaza Strip, added Sisi.

He said at the joint press conference with the Spanish and Belgian premiers Friday that the talks highlighted the importance of providing safe places in central, northern and southern Gaza Strip for the Gazans who lost their homes.

Sisi underscored the necessity of non-displacement outside the Strip, saying he shared this opinion with US President Joe Biden.

The president affirmed he will not allow for forced displacement outside the Strip.”

The matter was confirmed as well with the Spanish and Belgian prime ministers, added Sisi.

He said Egypt received nine million refugees and added the reception of the refugees came due to different circumstances from the circumstances in the coastal enclave.

The refugees have security problems in their countries including Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Sudan, he said, adding they still have their own countries.

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