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Rashwan: Palestinian-Israeli truce continues for a third day, unimpeded

Sunday، 26 November 2023 - 03:54 PM


Chairman of State Information Service (SIS) Journalist Diaa Rashwan, stated that the Palestinian-Israeli truce has been continuing, unimpeded for a third day.

This is due to the intensive efforts made by Egypt in cooperation with Qatar, who is making appreciated efforts that deserve salute and thanks, Rashwan said.

These joint efforts resulted in beginning the truce on schedule, succeeding in overcoming the obstacles faced yesterday (Saturday), and implementing all its provisions agreed upon by the Palestinian and Israeli sides, he added.

In implementation of these provisions, the Egyptian authorities received today, a list of detainees in the Gaza, which includes 13 Israelis, and a list of Palestinians scheduled to be released from Israeli prisons, which includes 39 Palestinians, and they are scheduled to be exchanged between the two sides today, according to Rashwan.

Diaa rashwan confirmed that Egypt also continued its great efforts to deliver humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing, which continued throughout the period of the aggression against the Strip and continues intensively with the entry into force of the humanitarian truce.

He explained that the medical aid which entered Gaza Strip until yesterday evening, 25-11-2023, amounted to 2,675 tons, food aid amounted to 9,621 tons, the water aid amounted 7,047 tons, in addition to 82 pieces of tents and tarpaulins, and 1,992 tons of other relief materials.

Rashwan indicated that 788 tons of fuel had been brought in as of yesterday evening, and that the total number of trucks that crossed from the Rafah crossing into the Gaza Strip reached 2,056 trucks during this period.

The head of SIS noted that Egypt had received, during this period, 353 injured Gazans, accompanied by 292 person, in addition to the crossing of 8,514 foreign nationals and dual nationals, and 1,256 Egyptians, from the Rafah crossing.

As for Sunday, 120 trucks have already entered so far, including 2 fuel and 2 cooking gas, heading to northern Gaza in coordination with the United Nations and the Palestinian Red Crescent, and these numbers are likely to increase in the coming hours, Rashwan added.

Rashwan ended his statements by reaffirming the continuation of Egyptian efforts to work to accelerate the transfer of humanitarian aid to contribute in limiting the aggravation of the humanitarian crisis for our Palestinian brothers in the Gaza Strip.


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