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SIS head: Gaza truce proceeding without obstructions for 4th day

Tuesday، 28 November 2023 - 11:08 AM

Chairman of State Information Service (SIS) Diaa Rashwan said that the Palestinian-Israeli truce is proceeding for a fourth day in a row without obstructions, thanks to intensified efforts by Egypt and Qatari, with American participation.

In this context, Egypt continued its intensive efforts to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza Strip through Rafah crossing, which continued throughout the period of the aggression against the Strip and will continue during the second phase of the truce, which will continue today, Tuesday and tomorrow, Wednesday.

Rashawn explained that the volume of medical aid brought into the Gaza Strip as of yesterday evening 27-11-2023, amounted to 2,812 tons, 11,427 tons of food aid, 8,583 tons of water, 127 pieces of tents and tarpaulins, in addition to 2,418 tons of other relief materials.

Rashwan pointed out that 1,048 tons of fuel had been brought in as of yesterday evening, and that the total number of trucks that crossed from the Rafah crossing into the Gaza Strip reached 2,263 trucks during this period.

The head of SIS noted that Egypt had received, in the same period, 566 injured Gazans for treatment in Egyptian hospitals, along with about 300 companions, in addition to the crossing of 8,691 foreign nationals and dual nationals, and 1,256 Egyptians from Gaza, and facilitating the entry of 421 Palestinians stuck in Egypt to Gaza Strip.


Diaa Rashwan ended his statements by reaffirming the continuation of Egyptian efforts to work to accelerate the transfer of humanitarian aid to contribute to limiting the aggravation of the humanitarian crisis for our Palestinian brothers in the Gaza Strip.

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