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NEA solves number of technical issues facing Egyptian voters abroad

Saturday، 02 December 2023 - 02:58 PM

Executive Director of the National Elections Authority (NEA) Ahmed Bendari said that the NEA has solved some technical problems that were hindering the voting of a number of Egyptians at polling stations in the country’s embassies and consulates abroad.

In statements on Saturday 02/12/2023 after contacting 15 heads of Egyptian diplomatic missions abroad, Bendari said that the electoral process is going on normally and smoothly in all the electoral centers outside the country.

The technical issues were mostly connected with ID cards, he said, adding that as a solution citizens who faced a problem with their ID were allowed to vote after making sure that they are registered on the voters’ database.

Bendari asserted that the NEA swiftly intervened to contact the diplomatic missions to handle these technical issues which led to solving them in a short time.

The Egyptian embassy in Riyadh faced a technical problem with one of its scanners and the technical support team of the NEA swiftly intervened to solve it, he pointed out.


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