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SIS Chairman: Egyptian Citizens Have the Only Right to the Electoral Process

Sunday، 10 December 2023 - 10:46 AM

The Chairman of the State Information Service (SIS), Dr. Diaa Rashwan, said that Egyptian citizens have the only right to the electoral process, noting that voting in the presidential elections is an inherent right of the citizen and the vote makes the difference.

Rashwan added, during a phone call with the program “Evening with Qaswa” on the CBC channel on Saturday evening, that the Egyptian people are free to choose whatever they want for the presidency of the republic, and they have become accustomed to that since 2014.

He pointed out that since the issuance of the 2014 constitution and all the elections that have taken place, there has been no interference from any party except the citizen himself, indicating at the same time that any young person who reaches voting age knows the location of his election and no one can vote in his place or tamper with his vote or on his behalf.

He stressed that there are internal and external challenges, saying: “The citizen has the right to determine who can face these challenges through elections,” expressing his hope that every Egyptian citizen will participate in casting their vote in the electoral process.

He explained that the National Elections Authority will supervise the elections, adding, “There is a judge within each committee and another on each ballot box. This is a message to the whole world that the Egyptian presidential elections are conducted in accordance with international standards,” stressing that if there is any defect in the electoral process, only the judiciary will look into it.

The head of the State Information Service pointed out that there is a wide network of observers and followers to follow up on what is happening in the electoral process and report it to their authorities.

Dr. Diaa Rashwan pointed out that the law obliges the vote counting to be conducted in the subcommittees in the presence of delegates and the media to announce the numbers.

Regarding the Palestinian issue, the head of the State Information Service stressed that the Israeli aggression has not stopped and does not seem to want to stop, indicating that there is intense pressure on Palestinian citizens to push them towards the south against the backdrop of tents that shelter many refugees.

He pointed out that the field and humanitarian conditions in Palestine are very bad, and that the Israeli aggression continues to bombard the Palestinian Rafah.

Dr. Diaa Rashwan stressed that international efforts to deal with the events in Gaza are extremely arbitrary, in addition to the fact that the United States of America embraces and protects Israel.

He pointed out that "Egypt categorically rejects the displacement of Palestinians and the liquidation of the Palestinian cause," warning at the same time that any infringement on Egypt's sovereignty would constitute a threat to regional and global security.

The head of the State Information Service pointed out that the military field situation of the occupation army is getting worse day after day.

Regarding reaching a humanitarian truce, Dr. Diaa Rashwan said, “There is nothing yet regarding a truce, and there is a very diligent Egyptian effort with partners to reach a truce similar to previous truces,” indicating that there have been efforts made during the last period with partners in Qatar and the United States resulted in an increase in the entry of fuel into the Gaza Strip.

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