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Minister of Finance: Egyptians are Writing a History of Democratic Practice

Sunday، 10 December 2023 - 02:52 PM

Minister of Finance, Mohamed Maait, confirmed that the Egyptians will once again prove the extent of their national awareness, by their keenness to participate positively in the making of their present and future, and their categorical rejection of any miserable attempts to dissuade them from their historical and civilizational march in construction and development.

He explained that the great Egyptian people always write a history in democratic practice, by aligning voters in front of the committees to cast their votes in the presidential elections.

He added that constitutional entitlement, in a civilized scene, records the story of a people who chose the homeland, and crossed it peacefully, at this delicate stage of their life, to confirm to the whole world their keenness on their great national dream, in development and stability, to complete the building of the modern state, which meets their aspirations, and achieves their goals in a better tomorrow.

The minister said, after casting his vote in the presidential elections in front of the committee of Khaled Ibn El Walid Primary School for Girls in the 6th of October City, that the Egyptian people are fully aware that when homelands are lost, everything is lost. They are also aware that stability is what achieves economic and social development, helps to overcome external and internal challenges, and then initiates national alignment, meeting the call of duty, leading to electoral and constitutional entitlements, and expressing its free will, in one of the most important political practices.

The minister added that he was keen to perform the national duty in this constitutional entitlement, to participate in making the present and future of Egypt, as all Egyptians want it: Strong. It is able to achieve the aspirations of its people by transforming challenges into promising opportunities for growth, progress and prosperity. He said: "As Egyptians, we all have a national duty and a constitutional entitlement, by giving our opinion in the presidential elections."

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