21 February 2024 08:04 AM

National Alliance provides number of fishing boats help fishermen in Qena

Monday، 11 December 2023 - 01:39 PM

The National Alliance for Civil Action brings together more than 34 development and service entities to serve the people of the governorates and provide aid to those who need it.


In Upper Egypt's Qena Governorate, the work of the coalition has become a tangible reality witnessed by the people of the governorate, as it includes many young people who want to achieve prosperity and progress for their communities.


In the heart of the city you will find blood donation campaigns, development convoys providing aid and projects to families, as well as establishing medical convoys of various specialties in the villages and presenting projects, including fishing boats.


The National Alliance is spread across 27 governorates, including the border areas. The Alliance also reaches all levels of administrative organization, through more than 325 headquarters and branches owned by its institutions, more than 1,200 community schools in 11 governorates, 5,688 storage points nationwide through grassroots associations, and 31 thousand grassroots associations have legalized their status. 


The alliance is considered a national experience that wants to bring together volunteer and civil efforts under one umbrella in order to maximize the impact, which is what Qena Governorate directly benefited from through the initiatives that were implemented on the ground.


Qena Governorate recently witnessed the delivery of 100 fishing boats to small fishermen in the governorate, provided by partners of the National Alliance.


These boats are equipped for fishermen from various centers and cities of the governorate, who do not own boats and have previous experience in the field of working in the fishing craft, and rely on it as a main source of income.


The National Alliance in Qena, through the Sonaa Al-Khair Foundation for Development, organized a large number of sustainable development services within Qena Governorate. 


Today, the National Alliance for Development Action in Qena Governorate organized a blood donation campaign for the benefit of the wounded and injured from Gaza, in which a large number of people from Qena Governorate participated.


The National Alliance also delivered a number of home appliances to 20 exemplary mothers in the governorate.


It also launched a number of projects amounting to 61 projects, as part of the activities of the cooperation protocol signed with the Decent Life Foundation, to implement 2000 projects in the field of economic empowerment in various governorates of the Republic, to provide support for needy cases.  


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