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Int’l media: unprecedented turnout for elections despite economic difficulties

Monday، 11 December 2023 - 04:08 PM

State Information Service (SIS) issued its first report for the second day of the presidential elections... Journalist Diaa Rashwan stated that the Central Operations Room at SIS continued its role around the clock in following up on the work of correspondents for foreign media accredited to cover these elections (528) correspondents from residents and expatriates from abroad for the purpose of covering these elections.

The SIS Operations Room also continued to monitor what was published and broadcast in the media around the world about these elections.

Head of SIS said that the most prominent observations that resulted from this monitoring were as follows:

-       Hundreds of foreign correspondents, observers, continued their tours of committee headquarters, voting environments, and election procedures in all governorates of the Republic, with complete freedom, without any obstacles or complaints of any harassment, to perform their role and learn about the conduct of the elections.
The State Information Service also continued to organize group tours, for whomever of these correspondents wished, to committees within the governorates of Cairo, as well as in North Sinai, especially in the cities of Rafah and Al-Arish.

-       None of observers and reporters observed, nor did any media outlet around the world, any violations affect the safety and integrity of the electoral process inside or outside the committees, with clear indications that state authorities don’t interfere in influencing voters’ freedom to choose, but on the contrary, there was an interest in photographing and following the atmosphere of joy and happiness with which some citizens lead before some committees.

Diaa Rashwan added that the SIS operations room monitored a huge number of video reports published in hundreds of media outlets in many languages around the world, and what was noticeable on the second day was the intensity of publication in European media, especially French-language media, such as: The French newspapers "Le Monde", "Le Figaro", "Le Parisien", "20 Minutes", the Belgian newspaper "Le Soir", the French "L'Obs" magazine, the Swiss "Swiss Info" website, and the "TV5 Monde" Satellite channel.

These were with the continuing flow of reports, news and follow-ups from major international news agencies such as: Reuters – France Press Agency - Associated Press - China's Xinhua Agency - the Russian agencies TASS, Sputnik, Novosti, German, Japanese, South Korean news agencies, and others.

-        SIS report concluded that there was almost consensus in the international media regarding a high concentration of attendance at the committees, despite the economic difficulties facing Egyptians with the high rates of inflation and prices because of  the international crises and the repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian war on financial and commodity markets in the world, Noting the aspiration of the Egyptian people that the Elected-president, after the elections, will be able to tame inflation, address the shortage of foreign currencies, confront the negative repercussions of the war in Gaza on the Egyptian economy, and confront the associated potential threat to Egyptian national security.

-       The SIS report added that many international media outlets pointed out the impact of the dangerous events in Gaza on the electoral process in Egypt, with clear praise for the Egyptian leadership statue regarding the events in Gaza, which the Egyptians appreciate, according to many media outlets.


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