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Diaa Rashwan: Egypt Continues its Intense Efforts to Ensure the Constant Entry of Humanitarian Aid to Brothers in Gaza

Wednesday، 13 December 2023 - 07:35 PM

Diaa Rashwan, Chairman of the State Information Service (SIS), stated that Egypt is continuing its intense efforts to ensure the constant entry of humanitarian aid to the brothers in the Gaza Strip, aiming to support them in the catastrophic humanitarian conditions they are experiencing as a result of the bloody Israeli aggression against them for 68 days.

He explained that since yesterday, humanitarian aid trucks heading from Egypt began passing through the Rafah crossing, at the Karem Abu Salem crossing, according to the agreement with the Israeli side, in addition to the Al-Auja crossing, as was the situation previously.

He added that this would facilitate the acceleration of the arrival of trucks to the Gaza Strip and increase their number to about 60-80 trucks per day. It was also agreed on increasing the amount of fuel entering the Strip daily from 129,000 liters to 189,000, in addition to 2 domestic gas trucks, which has already been entered today, Wednesday 13/12/2023.

Rashwan further explained that since the beginning of passing humanitarian aid to the Palestinian brothers in the Gaza Strip, the volume of medical aid has reached 3,866 tons, food aid has reached 22,799 tons, and water aid has reached 13,936 tons, besides 222 tents and pieces of tarpaulins, in addition to 5,073 tons of other relief materials. Moreover, 48 ambulances,  2,678 tons of fuel were entered during the same period, and the total number of trucks that crossed from the Rafah crossing into the Gaza Strip reached about 4,057 trucks since the beginning of the process of entering aids to the Gaza Strip from the Egyptian side of the crossing.

The Chairman of the State Information Service (SIS) noted that Egypt had received, in the same period, 773 injured and sick people from Gaza for treatment in Egyptian hospitals and in some sisterly and friendly countries, along with about 612 companions, in addition to the crossing of 14,023 foreign nationals and dual nationals, and 2,135 Egyptians, from the Gaza Strip.

Diaa Rashwan concluded his statements by reiterating that Egypt will continue its utmost efforts to work to accelerate the transfer of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, and to strive diligently to increase it, in a way that contributes to limiting the aggravation of the unprecedented humanitarian crisis that our Palestinian brothers are suffering from there.

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