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Egypt-Japan mission reveals Second Dynasty tomb, artefacts in Saqqara

Saturday، 06 January 2024 - 04:34 AM
Egypt-Japan mission reveals Second Dynasty tomb, artefacts in Saqqara

The joint archaeological mission from Waseda University, in collaboration with the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA), has unveiled a rock-cut tomb and a myriad of artefacts spanning different historical periods during its current
excavation season in Saqqara Necropolis.



SCA Secretary-General Mostafa Waziry said the design of the tomb and the ceramic items suggest that the tomb dates back to the Second Dynasty (2890-c. 2686 BC).




For his part, Head of the Egyptian side of theteam Director General of Saqqara Antiquities Dr. Muhammad Youssef said that theburials that were uncovered represented the remains of a human burial of a manwith a colored mask, and another burial of a young child, in addition to a number of burials from the Late and Ptolemaic era containing a coffin from the Eighteenth Dynasty in the case of Poor preservation. Inside is an alabaster vase in good condition.



Head of the mission from the Japanese side, Dr Nozomu Kawai, said that the mission found many archaeological finds, including two terracotta statues of the goddess Isis with white remains. And the god Harpocrates riding a bird, a mask with green and white remains, and parts of two faience amulets for the goddess Isis andBes.


Also, a portion of an ushabti limestone has been found bearing the remains of
hieroglyphic inscriptions, an amulet of fayans from Ain Ujat, a pottery lamp,
and a pottery ostraka with hieratic inscriptions, in addition to some pottery
tools and pottery shards.


Kawai said that the mission has documented all the discoveries. "We hope to uncover more secrets of the Saqqara archaeological site in the upcoming seasons, furtherenriching our understanding of this historically significant area," he


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