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President El-Sisi Witnesses the Celebration of the 72nd Anniversary of Police Day

Wednesday، 24 January 2024 - 12:00 AM

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El El-Sisi witnessed, on Wednesday 24/1/2024, a ceremony to mark the 72nd anniversary of the Police Day, which coincided with the 13th anniversary of the January 25 Revolution at the Police Academy Conference Complex in New Cairo.

Police Day is celebrated in Egypt on January 25 of each year.

Upon his arrival, President El-Sisi was received by Interior Minister Mahmoud Tawfiq.

The national anthem was then played and the guards of honor performed the military salute to President El-Sisi.

Before the martyr’s anthem was played, President El-Sisi reviewed the Guard of Honor ahead of the ceremony.

The president, also, laid a wreath at the Memorial of Police Martyrs.

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi posed for a photo op with Prime Minister Moustafa Madbouli, Interior Minister Mahmoud Tawfiq and members of the Supreme Police Council ahead of a ceremony to mark Police Day.

The celebration was attended by Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli, Interior Minister Mahmoud Tawfiq, Al Azhar Grand Imam Ahmed el-Tayyeb, Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria and Patriarch of Saint Mark Diocese, Speaker of the House of Representatives Hanfi Gebali, Speaker of the Senate Abdel Wahab Abdel Raziq, in addition to a number of senior statesmen.

The ceremony started with recitation of verses of the Holy Quran by reciter Ezzat Gamal.

A documentary on the national role played by Egyptian police to protect Egypt’s sovereignty was then played.

The documentary stressed that police have, throughout history, always been a genuine part of this great society and have made many sacrifices for the sake of the nation.

It highlighted the battle in the Canal city of Ismailia on January 25, 1952, during which Egyptian policemen strongly defended their country.

Also, a documentary film was displayed on the police role in restoring security and stability in Egypt after the 2011 incidents, especially the Brotherhood group’s plot to destroy Egypt and prison break by terrorist elements where over 23,000 dangerous prisoners were sent out of jails.

The film highlighted the state’s keenness on building a high-level security mechanism and providing up-to-date equipment for rehabilitating prisoners to protect society.

After the film, a singing show was displayed to highlight sacrifices of policemen.

After that, the Minister of Interior, Major General Mahmoud Tawfiq, gave a speech during the celebration of the 72nd Police Day, in which he stressed that security challenges are growing in light of a turbulent regional environment and a world full of conflicts and changes.

The Minister of the Interior said: “In celebrating the seventy-second anniversary of the glorious Battle of Ismailia, we recall the scenes of an immortal day in the conscience of the Egyptian nation, when the policemen stood up to fight one of the most honorable battles to consolidate their cohesion and solidarity with the Egyptian people.”

After his speech, the Minister of Interior presented a souvenir to President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

In an improvised speech during a ceremony to mark the 72nd anniversary of Police Day, El-Sisi said Wednesday that maintaining stability and security is not the job of the government alone, adding that the people also have their share of this duty.

All Egyptians are responsible for the security, progress and future of Egypt, the president stressed.

“I realize the extent of suffering and economic pressures in Egypt. I appreciate Egyptians’ resilience even more,” El-Sisi said, noting this is not moral talk.

“I am aware of the difficult living conditions and high prices,” he said, adding that the whole globe is in a tough and turbulent situation.

He also attributed that to the destruction in the Gaza Strip, sadly stating that some 25,000 Palestinians, mostly women and kids, have died and more than 60,000 others have been injured. The besieged enclave has been completely destroyed, he said.

The conditions on the western, eastern and southern borders of Egypt have affected its economy, El-Sisi said. All the incidents have repercussions, he noted.

The president commented on a documentary played early on in the ceremony, saying it highlighted the difficult circumstances in Egypt that followed the January 25 Revolution in 2011, especially the jailbreaks.

El-Sisi touched upon attempts back then to stir up the public opinion against the State, particularly the Ministry of Interior.

“It is necessary that the Egyptian people always be united against any challenges or difficulties.”

El-Sisi also talked about terrorism, which cost Egypt some 120 billion pounds to overcome with such limited resources.

Egypt had no other choice but to fight terrorism, or else conditions would have further worsened to instability, the president said.

Thanks to sacrifices by the police and military, with other segments of society, Egypt could face all forms of terrorism and maintain its security and stability, the president added.

President Abdel Fattah El El-Sisi said the Egyptian state need about 3 billion dollars to secure staple commodities for all citizens monthly, including wheat, corn, cooking oil, soy beans, fuel and electricity.

He said electricity stations alone need natural gas at about one billion dollars monthly.

President Abdel Fattah El El-Sisi added that power plants require amounts of natural gas that cost USD one billion every month.

He asserted that if the Egyptian state did not work to increase its dollar resources to be more or at least equal to the country’s spending of dollar, the economic problem will continue.

If the foreign currency’s resources, including exporting goods, Suez Canal revenues, tourism or remittances of Egyptians abroad, did not increase or at least be equal to the spending of dollar, the economic problem will continue, the president elaborated.

Concerning citizens’ comments on regulating prices in the Egyptian markets, the president urged the government to control prices. He also urged traders to settle for appropriate gains.

El El-Sisi appreciated the stances of Egyptian people especially simple citizens during the current circumstances.

All Egyptians should take care of their country and not only me and the government, he noted.

He noted added that Allah the Almighty has given Egyptians an example concerning the current economic criEl-Sisi in Egypt as after the Gaza criEl-Sisi, the number of trucks entering the enclave has decreased from 600 every day to only 220 trucks in the past few days.

El El-Sisi refuted claims saying that Egypt is behind halting the entry of aid into Gaza.

The president addressed Egyptian people saying: Egypt will never do this.

He noted that Rafah border crossing is open 24/7, adding that Israeli measures are hindering the entry of aid into the enclave. He added that this is considered as a sort of pressure exercised by Israel on the enclave and its residents to release the Israeli hostages.

As part of celebrations of the 72nd anniversary of Police Day, Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El El-Sisi honored names of a number of police martyrs in appreciation of their great sacrifice for the sake of their homeland.

El-Sisi will also award medals of excellence to a number of police officers for their distinguished performance and dedication to work.

El-Sisi endorsed naming republic medals and orders after police martyrs, like a third-stage republic order after the name of martyr Moustafa Abdel Razek.

Before delivering his speech, Egyptian President Abel Fattah El El-Sisi called for observing a minute of silence to mourn the martyrs of Egypt and Palestine.

President El-Sisi’s Speech at Celebration Marking 72nd Anniversary of Police Day

In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful”

 Gentlemen, Members of the Police, 

Honorable Attendees,

It gives me pleasure to extend to you my sincerest gratitude, appreciation and respect. Allow me at the outset to ask you to observe a moment of silence in memory of the souls of Egypt’s righteous martyrs.

The great people of Egypt, 

Today, we are celebrating the 72nd anniversary of Police Day; this honorable day, when the brave heroes of the Egyptian police force stood steadfastly to defend the dignity and pride of their country in Ismailia in 1952. They offered their lives as a precious price for the sake of Egypt’s national pride, driven by an embedded belief that protecting the security of the country and citizens is the most sublime objective that transcends any other.

The sacrifices of those heroes for their country on that day 72 years ago have emerged as a powerful and inspiring force that flows through the heart of this country to restore its youth and bring it closer to the day of its independence. And just as the sacrifices of the police officers in Ismailia ignited the motives of national pride, the sacrifices of the martyrs of the Armed Forces, the Police and the sons of Egypt in confrontations against terrorism over the past years shall also take their rightful place on the nation’s eternal wall of honor and heroism.

Those are sacrifices that we highly appreciate and honor. We all bear the enormous responsibility to respond to the generosity of the martyrs with generosity, reciprocate their sacrifices with sacrifice and turn their dream for a precious and proud Egypt into a reality for their sons and grandchildren, generation after generation.

 Ladies and gentlemen, 

Today’s commemoration comes at a crucial time, as the region is grappling with unprecedented challenges and as Egypt is facing a grave regional reality that is intertwined with international circumstances, unseen in the world for long decades.

Our position on the recent regional developments and in the Gaza Strip has been clear since the very beginning, based on Egypt’s profound sense of historical and humanitarian responsibility to always stand side by side with its Palestinian brothers. Egypt will continue to embrace this role, guided by nobility, honor and impartiality until the Palestinian people’s legitimate rights are restored.

The proud people of Egypt,

Intertwined regional and international complexities have left Egypt grappling with formidable economic challenges. If it were not for the will of the great Egyptian people, we would not have been able to withstand them. Over the past years, the Egyptians’ will has established a solid foundation that will help us, God willing, to overcome the current circumstances.

Let me tell you honestly: This generation of Egyptians was destined by Allah to face a monumental task, carrying their country through mountains of hardships and challenges. I am confident that this sacred mission, which is our shared responsibility, will always be a source of honor in the memory of history for everyone who persevered for the sake of this homeland and triumphed for it.

I am confident that, God willing, Egypt’s enduring strength will persist with the steadfastness, resilience and sacrifices of its people, their race against time to realize their dreams, and their belief in their right and the right of their country to a better future, in which the Egyptian nation secures the status it is worthy of among nations.

Finally, I would like, once again, to congratulate the police force on their day and commend their heroic role in protecting the citizens and preserving their security. I would like to reiterate that the state, with all its capacity and capabilities, is determined to achieve security in its comprehensive meaning:

As every mega national project, in which the youth of Egypt exert efforts, provides is a source of security for Egypt against need and poverty.

Every reclamation of Egypt's desert lands and their conversion into green gardens, which produce goodness and prosperity, provides a source of security for the people of Egypt against future threats.

Every hospital built, school and university established, factory and road constructed, is a source of protection and security for the citizens, providing them and their children with a decent life.

This is our role and this is our responsibility. We pray to Allah Almighty to help us all to fulfil this role for the good of this dear homeland and its noble people.

Thank you 

By the greatness of Allah Long Live Egypt.. Long Live Egypt.. Long Live Egypt.. 

May Allah's peace, mercy and blessings be upon you

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