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Arab Language Essential For HeighteningSense Of National Identity Among Expats' Children: Emigration Min

Wednesday، 28 February 2024 - 07:53 PM
Arab Language Essential For HeighteningSense Of National Identity Among Expats' Children: Emigration Min

Minister of Emigration and Expatriates' Affairs Soha Gendi said Egyptian children are tomorrow's leaders, asserting the importance of teaching the Arab language to the children of Egyptian expats.


Gendi made the remarks during the opening ceremony of an event held at the Diplomatic Club in downtown Cairo, as part of the "Speak Arabic" presidential initiative on Tuesday27/2/2024.


She added her ministry is keen on connecting Egyptians abroad with their motherland, not just through the language they talk, which is an integral part of their national identity, but also by “increasing their sense of pride in their homeland; a land of love and peace since the dawn of time.”


The Egyptian civilization has always been taking the lead in establishing and upholding the humanitarian values of love, goodness, and justice, the minister said, hailing Egypt’s cultural diversity and strong social fabric that have helped it to thrive throughout the ages.


She said ancient Egyptians had been well aware of the concept of national identity and stood against all sectarian conflicts.


Gendi stressed that the Arab language is essential for heightening a sense of national identity among the children of Egyptian expats.


In exclusive statements to MENA on the sidelines of the event, Gendi said that one of the most important strategic goals of her ministry is to connect Egyptians abroad with their Egyptian roots and make them proud that their motherland was home to one of the world’s greatest civilizations.


The ministry also seeks to promote the sense of loyalty and belonging to the homeland among the Egyptian children and youth, who live abroad, Gendi said, adding that the "Speak Arabic'' presidential initiative primarily targets age groups from three years old to 18 years old.


The minister, meanwhile, warned that there are new Egyptian generations living abroad who do not know their mother tongue, and speak only the language of the communities in which they live, calling on Egyptian families around the world to benefit from the initiative to confront the war of erasing identity.


Gendi further emphasized the importance of the camps organized by the emigration ministry for young Egyptian expats to encourage them to visit their motherland to be able to get acquainted with the great Egyptian civilization along with the great projects, which are implemented by Egypt as part of its sustainable development plan.




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