15 April 2024 04:02 PM

Sweilam: Arab Water Day Emphasize Challenges, Efforts and Cooperation between Arab Countries

Sunday، 03 March 2024 - 12:21 PM

On “Arab Water Day,” which falls on March 3rd of each year, Professor Dr. Hani Sweilam, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, stated that “Arab Water Day” is an opportunity to emphasize the challenges our Arab world faces in the field of water, and the efforts made by countries.

The Arab League is making efforts to improve the water management process and maximize the return from the water unit, as well as to benefit from this day to increase awareness among the Arab peoples about water issues and the role of citizens in conserving water  and to encourage new ideas and scientific research to achieve the sustainable development goals in the Arab countries, especially the sixth goal related to water, which stipulates on “ensuring the availability of water and sanitation services for all and their sustainable management.”

Dr. Sweilam pointed out that most Arab countries are located in dry and semi-arid climate areas, making them among the countries in the world most facing water scarcity and the decline in the per capita share of water, which requires strengthening the measures taken by Arab countries to deal with this challenge, which becomes more influential over time due to The increase in population and the expansion of urban development in the Arab countries, and climate changes that negatively affect the water sector in the Arab countries.

Dr. Sweilam also stressed the ministry’s keenness to enhance cooperation with many sisterly Arab countries in the field of water, as Egypt cooperates with many Arab countries under the umbrella of a number of cooperation memorandums in the field of water, which are the countries of (Jordan - UAE - Algeria - Saudi Arabia - Iraq - Tunisia). - Palestine - Lebanon - Morocco).

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