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Shoukry In An Interview With CNN's Becky Anderson: Ceasefire in Gaza Talks Still On

Wednesday، 17 April 2024 - 12:46 PM
Shoukry In An Interview With CNN's Becky Anderson: Ceasefire in Gaza Talks Still On

Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry has said talks on a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip are still ongoing.

Shoukry added that talks have not been interrupted, and ideas are constantly being presented, until the goal is achieved.

Shoukry said: “Focus should be on reaching a consensus between the two sides that lead to a ceasefire; i.e. release of hostages and detainees, and the provision of humanitarian aid.”

The foreign minister stressed that the situation cannot continue indefinitely and cannot even continue in the short term due to the current situation of human suffering of Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

Regarding the Iranian attack on Israel, Shoukry said, “I spoke with the foreign ministers of the two countries in an effort to convey the importance of maintaining calm and peace and not engaging in an episode that will only lead to more instability and will have negative effects on the peoples of the region.”

When asked about the military operation that Israel is likely to launch in the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, Shoukry said, “Our position is clear and consistent with the position supported by the international community, the United States, and our partners in Western Europe in general.

There is a general international consensus that the military operation in Rafah should not happen because of the potential repercussions on the civilian population gathered there.”

“About 1.3 million civilians are sheltered in Rafah in very difficult conditions. I believe that this position must be respected by the Israeli government,” he added.

Shoukry said the best interest of the Palestinian and Israeli peoples is in the two-state solution, where the Palestinians can live in safety and peace within the borders of their state, as well as Israelis can.

He added that it was the duty of Israel, as the occupier, to provide security for Palestinian civilians and avoid displacement, because displacement is a war crime.

Displacement and any activity that leads to or encourages displacement is a war crime and must be considered as such, he said, expressing his expectation that the United States will not engage in activities that violate the international humanitarian law.


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