29 May 2024 03:25 AM

Egypt voices concerns over Iran-Israel escalation

Friday، 19 April 2024 - 10:43 AM

Egypt renewed its deep concern over the mutual Iranian-Israeli escalation and warned of the consequences of the expansion of the conflict in the region, announced the Egyptian Foreign Ministry in a statement on Friday 19/4/2024.


Israel launched a 'limited' strike against Isfahan, southern Iran on early Friday. However, no damages to Iranian nuclear facilities were reported. The Israeli strike is a reprisal for Iran’s "extensive retaliatory drone strikes" against Israel, which had attacked the Iranian diplomatic mission in Syria’s Damascus on April 1.


Egypt also called on Israel and Iran to exercise the utmost restraint and fully comply with the rules of international law and the UN Charter, the statement added.


Egypt confirmed that it will intensify its contacts with all concerned and influential parties to contain the ongoing tension and escalation, the statement said.

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