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Louis Awad

Wednesday، 05 January 2000 - 12:00 AM

He is a prominent literary critic and dramatist. Born on 5/1/1915 in the village of Sharona, Maghagha Center (Markaz), Menya. Holder of a B.A. degree of English, Faculty of Arts in 1937. He obtained the PH.D. degree in both English and French literature from Bristol University in the USA in 1953.

Louis Awad participated in many cultural and literary conferences inside and outside Egypt.

Major works:

- Memos in the book of "Age Papers".
- His famous novel of "Al-Anqaa".
- The book of Pluto Land.
- The book of History of Egyptian Modern Thought.
- An Introduction in the Arabic Language Thought.
- The World Theatre.
- Socialism and Literature.
- European Studies.
- Journey of East and West.
- Seven Masks of Nasserites.
- Egypt and Freedom and Literature.

He wrote several plays including the play of "Priest" or "El-Raheb".

He was granted the Order of Merit of First Class in the Education Day in 1996. The French Ministry of Culture conferred him the Medal of Knight in 1986. Awad was granted the State Award of Appreciation in literature in 1988. He was appointed professor in the English Literature Department, Faculty of Arts in Cairo University to be the first Egyptian professor who occupy this post.

Louis Awad was nominated as the general director of culture management in the Ministry of Culture in 1958. He worked as a visiting professor in California University for comparative literature in 1974. In 1983, he joined the editorial board of literary and technical section in Al-Ahram. Awad translated many books and novels for Horas, Chily, Samuel Johnson and Shakespeare.

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