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Ismail Yasin

Wednesday، 24 May 2000 - 12:00 AM

Ismail Yasin born on September 15, 1912 in Suez city. He started his career as a monologue singer and headed for Cairo to join Badi’a Masabny’s troupe. His break into the movie industry came when Fouad El-Gazaery gave him his first role in the movie "Khalf El-Habayeb" in 1939. He later joined Ali El-Kassar’s troupe and started to gain widespread recognition eventually becoming one of most popular stars in the Arab world. A record 15 movies used his name in their titles to capitalize on his fame.

Ismail Yasin established his own troupe which worked along 12 years from 1954 to 1966 and shown more than 50 plays. Prominent directors worked with Ismail Yasin in the plays shown by his troupe including El-Sayed Beder, Mohamed Tawfik, Abdel Monem Madboly and Nour El-Demerdash.

In the 1960s his health began to deteriorate and he moved to Lebanon where he participated in a number of films. He later returned to Egypt where he became heavily in debt. He died of a heart attack on May 24, 1972.


• Khalf El Habayeb, 1939.
• Ali Baba We El Arbeen Haramy (Alibaba and the Forty Thieves), 1942.
• Afreeta Hanem, 1949.
• Fatma, Mareeka & Rachel, 1949.
• El Millionaire (The Millionair), 1950.
• Hamati Konbella Zria (My Mother-in-Law is a Nuclear Bomb), 1951.
• El Hamawat El Fatenat (Charming Mothers-in-Law), 1953.
• El Setat Ma Yearafoush Yekdebo (Women Never Lie), 1954.
• Afreetet Ismail Yassin (Ismail Yassin’s Ghost), 1954.
• Ismail Yassin Fee El Gueish (Ismail Yassin In The Army), 1955.
• Ismail Yassin Fee El Police (Ismail Yassin In The Police), 1955.
• Ismail Yassin Fee Mathaf El Shameh(Ismail Yassin In The Museum), 1955.
• Ismail Yassin Fee El Ostool (Ismail Yassin In The Navy), 1957.
• Ibn Hameedo, 1957.
• Ismail Yassin Fee Mostashfa El Maganeen (Ismail Yassin in the Lunatics’ Hospital), 1957.
• Hamati Malak (My Mother-in-Law is an Angel), 1959.
• Ismail Yassin Fee El Tayaran (Ismail Yassin In The Airforce), 1959.
• El Ataba El Khadra, 1959.
• Ismail Yassin Fee Police Serri (Ismail Yassin Secret Police), 1959.
• Ismail Yassin Fee El Segn (Ismail Yassin In Prison), 1960.
• Halak El Sayedat (Ladies Hairdresser), 1960.
• El Fanous El Sehry (Magic Lamp), 1960.
• El Maganeen Fee Naeem (Lunatics are in Heaven), 1963.
• El Raghba We El Dayah (Loss & Desire), 1972.
• Dahab

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